CBD Vape Pods that are compatible with your Juul

CBD Vape Pods that are compatible with your Juul

Feb 28, 2019, 2:01:58 PM Life and Styles

In the competitive market of vape devices, there is one American company getting the attention of both beginners and experienced CBD consumers. Based in California, Juul has created an innovative vape pen with the efforts of a group of expert scientists, designers and engineers. This high-quality device complies with the strictest standards and regulations in the United States and the European Union and can be used to consume both nicotine cartridges and pre-filled CBD pods.

While Juul was initially developed to serve as a cleaner alternative to cigarettes for smokers, several CBD companies quickly realized its potential and began creating compatible cartridges filled with all the beneficial properties of cannabidiol and terpenes from the hemp plant.

Why Should I Choose Vaping Instead of Other Ways to Consume CBD?

After getting to know the benefits that cannabidiol can bring to your health and the ways in which it is able to improve your daily life, you might have noticed the wide variety of products offering this component of the hemp plant. Nowadays, CBD can be found in pretty much any form you can imagine; from gummy bears to cookies, tinctures and even ointments! However, if you are looking for almost immediate relaxation and the best absorption rate, you should look no further and consider vaping as your first option.

While hemp tinctures and edibles have to pass through the whole digestive system before being absorbed into your body, CBD vapes go through your lungs and quickly make their way to your circulatory system. This is why their effects can be felt within a few minutes, while cannabidiol edibles might take more than an hour to start acting.

While vaping might seem similar to smoking, the fact is that two very different chemical reactions take place in each process. On one hand, smoking involves the combustion of a particular substance, burning it and generating the smoke that is then inhaled by the user. Vaporizers, on the other hand, heats the e-liquid without burning it, generating a steam that does not contain any of the substances created by the combustion process. When vaping CBD, you are consuming nothing but cannabidiol and terpenes.

Can I Use My Juul Vaporizer with a CBD Pod?

Yes, you can! While Juul’s web catalogue does not show any CBD cartridge, there are a few cannabidiol companies in the United States offering CBD Vape Pods which are compatible with Juul vaporizers. One of the most popular is Florida-based Diamond CBD, which has cartridges pre-filled with cannabidiol e-liquid and infused with different flavors users can choose from.

These CBD pods work just as Juul’s nicotine cartridges. Simply take them off their package, remove the protective case and plug them to your vaporizer. Unlike refillable vape pens, with Juul devices there is no need to fill any compartments with the e-liquid, as they only work with a special type of pods. This makes the vaping process cleaner, easier and convenient. Once you have plugged in your CBD pod, everything you need to do is start vaping right away!

The great versatility of Juul devices allows you to take them wherever you go and enjoy your daily dose of cannabidiol without thinking twice. In case your vaporizer runs out of battery, simply unplug its charging dock from the bottom and plug it to any USB port. A full charge will take about one hour.

Different Flavors to Suit Your Taste

When extracting tinctures and oils from the hemp plant, the result is a liquid with a strong, bitter taste which is not easy to enjoy. Diamond CBD’s Juul Pods come in four different flavors you can choose from according to your personal taste. While all of them are popular and delicious, their CBD Mango Juul Pods are especially loved by customers from all around the world.

You might be wondering if these artificial flavors affect the properties of cannabidiol in any way. The answer is no! Diamond CBD’s flavored pods are made with safe ingredients that replicate the taste of tropical fruits without changing the chemical composition of cannabidiol in any way. All batches leaving the company’s facilities are subject to third-party laboratory tests to ensure their effectiveness before they reach your door. This allows you to take in all the beneficial properties of CBD and naturally-occurring terpenes while enjoying the delicious taste of real mango, sweet strawberries, tropical watermelon or freshly-picked blueberries.

How Much Will I Pay to Consume CBD Using a Juul Vaporizer?

If you have done some research on vape devices and pre-filled cartridges, you might have noticed that they might seem more expensive than refillable pens or other ways to consume cannabidiol. However, if you are thinking of an effective way to take in your CBD, you must consider that getting a high-quality vaporizer is an investment that will save you money in the long-run.

First of all, Juul Vaporizers are made with the highest standards and designed by expert engineers who make it one of the most reliable and lasting devices in the vape market. Unlike cheaper alternatives, Juul’s Vape Pens have batteries that last for years and do not require any special maintenance.

Regarding the pre-filled cartridges, Diamond CBD’s Vape Pods cost between $14 and $20. As they contain 100 milligrams of cannabidiol each, this translates into $0.14 to $0.20 per milligram of CBD. This is cheaper than most products in the cannabidiol market, including hemp tinctures and sublingual oils.

Something that you must consider while looking for the best option to consume CBD is the degree of bioavailability that each product offers. This refers to the degree with which a particular substance can be absorbed by the body. For instance, when a medicine is administered intravenously, it goes directly into the circulatory system, therefore having a 100% bioavailability. In the case of CBD, vaping liquids offer the highest bioavailability of all products. Therefore, even if you find cheap CBD edibles, their rate of absorption will be a fraction of what you would get with a vaporizer.  

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