Conversational Commerce: The Next Evolution of Digital Engagement

Conversational Commerce: The Next Evolution of Digital Engagement

Nov 1, 2018, 10:20:08 PM Tech and Science

While a number of companies that have opted for having e-Commerce sites are busy with their efforts to increase their sales, they are missing out on a very important point. That is they are oblivious of the importance of customer engagement. During earlier times, when there were only brick-and-mortar stores, customers used to personally visit the stores where they will be able to have personal interactions with the sales people. Thanks to such personal visits, there was customer engagement that people found to be very much satisfying. 

On the other hand, the prevailing trend in the present-day context is that more and more people are buying the items they need online and from e-commerce stores. Most of these e-commerce sites are static and hence, customers are not able to have conversations. Since there are no interactions that can help them have clarifications for their doubts, they feel a vacuum. It is true that there is a phenomenal increase in the number of people who opt for online purchases. But the silence these people feel is too deafening to bear. 

It is in this context researchers have come out with a concept known as "conversational commerce" that solves the problem of low or no interaction that is currently being felt by customers. According to companies that have opted for introducing this conversational commerce websites categorically assert that they are able to create a positive customer experience and that they are able to achieve customer success. 

What does conversational commerce consist of?

Conversational commerce consists mainly of interaction tools such as AI chatbots, live chat, and those manned by virtual assistants. Thanks to these tools, customers can have clarifications to their doubts and queries, regardless of where they are. These interactions can take place round the clock as well. 

In other words, the customer experience and personalized support that used to be missing in static e-commerce sites will now be available to customers. If those companies that opt for such conversational commerce tools adopt a proactive approach also, they can even help customers make quick purchase decisions or can guide them appropriately to choose the right products that perfectly fulfill their requirements. Such guidance and help will go a long way in enhancing customer experience. Most importantly, these companies will be able to strengthen their relationship with their customers.

What is very good about conversational commerce?

That social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are getting more and more popular is a fact that no one can deny. But why are these sites getting popular? The simple fact is that they encourage interactions. Precisely put, apart from the benefit of a widened network, these sites offer the most important benefit of interactions among users. This is one of the main reasons why companies are using these sites for promoting their businesses. Experts opine that since conversational commerce is also encouraging interactions, it is also likely to get popular soon. 

Why do you hesitate to adopt conversational commerce?

Recently, John Mackey of Whole Foods shared an insight that was not only powerful but useful as well. His insight will be particularly useful to those entrepreneurs who hesitate to adopt new concepts such as the "Conversational Commerce." He said, “Fear does not exist in the present moment.” It is a known fact that a number of people procrastinate pursuing their dreams due to fear. They are afraid of some future negative event that may not happen at all.

If you, as an entrepreneur, also belong to such a group of people who are afraid of embracing new concepts, you are advised to free yourself from the shackles of such fears. The fact is that if you adopt the concept of conversational commerce, you are certain to gain immensely because you will be enhancing the quality of customer engagement. This will certainly prove to be very much beneficial because you will be able to provide your potential customers with opportunities to interact and get appropriate answers to their queries. In short, customer engagement will be as good as or even better than what it used to be when customers were personally visiting the brick-and-mortar stores for procuring the items they require. 

The positive impact conversational commerce can bring about to your business can be too big to ignore.

Digital marketing is here to stay. But at the same time, customers long for interactive sessions while making their purchases. Static e-commerce sites do not provide them with this opportunity. So, they feel that the customer engagement they experience is not as satisfactory as they want it to be. If entrepreneurs like you adopt the concept of conversational commerce, you will be able to enhance the quality of the digital engagement customers experience. Such an experience is so invaluable and effective that it can convert your customers into loyal customers. That is the reason experts insist that you will be ignoring this concept to your peril.

Nowadays, you have a number of tools that can help you adopt and introduce this concept. It is better you make an in-depth study of these tools and put in place all the channels that are suitable for your business so your customers can have the liberty of choosing the option they are fond of. In fact, this new concept may be the ideal solution you need to enhance the quality of the experience customers have while doing business with you. 


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