How Ethics Can Affect the Success of Your Company

How Ethics Can Affect the Success of Your Company

Mar 19, 2019, 2:09:00 AM Business

People spend most of their time at work. But, how does business success depend on the moral climate and ethical principles of a company?

Type of Business Relations and Role of Corporate Ethics in Business

Ethics of business communication is both spoken and unspoken rules for those who have to work together every day. Relationships built on the standards of professional ethics and mutual respect can create a comfortable work environment and support personal motivation. Without these regulating norms, business communication would turn into a chaotic exchange of information because each person perceives the world around them differently.


It is essential to follow the ethics and culture in business communication to make everyone involved speak the same language. It is related to both relationship within the team and external contacts, such as work with customers and communication among employees from different departments or branches. The topic is often debated and written about. If you have to submit a paper related to ethics, you can buy an essay online on this subject to deal with your assignment.

The Basic Principles of Business Ethics

Firstly, business ethics has practical goals. Its observance dramatically simplifies the work of the team as a whole and each employee in particular because acting according to generally accepted patterns is much easier. At the same time, employees know what to expect from each other.

Secondly, the task of business ethics is to create a work environment in which all time is devoted to the company. And, moral comfort plays a significant role in that. Thanks to adherence to business ethics, employees can always feel comfortable in terms of being satisfied with the work they do.

Moreover, the moral side of business ethics also affects the company productivity — an employee who feels comfortable at their workplace will be more committed to the company and strive to do their job better. Pleasant atmosphere achieved by following ethical principles makes employees strive for perfect results and feel at ease.

The Code of Corporate Ethics

The corporate code of ethics reduces the risk of a negative assessment from other people. It regulates the behavior in general, as well as in social networks. All team members have to know that their profiles in social media can affect the company reputation and the brand itself.

Google is one of the best examples of a well-built corporate policy. The company began to work as a startup over 20 years ago. Its founders spent a lot of time, effort, and money to find and train employees with a perfect combination of personal and professional features. This ratio of control and freedom is considered as an ideal model that works correctly in the long run.

The Main Types of Business Relation

The three main types of business communication are based on the generally accepted hierarchy within the team. So, business relations can occur from top to bottom, from bottom to the top, and horizontally. Different ethical norms are adopted for these three categories, although general principles stay the same.

First of all, a general principle means respect for any employee, regardless of their position in the company. It is necessary to be subtle and discreet in relations with all coworkers, partners from other companies, and customers. For example, it is unethical to ask another worker about their personal life, especially about problems.

Common ethical rules are applied to business communication via phone.  Just saying “hello” or “yes” is an inappropriate way of greeting for a business person. A company employee should politely introduce themselves to mention their position, company name, and department. During a phone conversation, one needs to be attentive if talking with a person for the first time, remembering their name and the reason for the call. The thoughts should always be stated clearly and concisely. If a conversation cannot be kept for a valid reason, an employee must apologize and ask a client to call again later.

From the Top to Bottom or Boss-Subordinate Relations

A good leader should try to create a comfortable atmosphere for the team. The self-discipline of the boss is the most powerful motivator and example for their subordinates. Therefore, people in leadership positions have to strictly observe the ethical rules of business communication. Familiarity, tardiness, and decision postponement are not the habits you want to have.

All actions of a top manager should aim at winning an allegiance of employees — everyone wants to strive for a brighter future following a supreme leader. Among other things, a manager must show their subordinates respect and appreciation of their opinion, as well as the contribution to their common cause. By doing so, you will get great loyalty in return.

From Bottom to the Top or Subordinate-Boss Communication

Of course, all subordinates must follow the rules of business relations. A good worker, the same as a top manager, is interested in creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for the team. Therefore, one of the tasks of any employee is to help the senior manager. A subordinate should in no case show disrespect to their management, non-observance of the hierarchy and, accordingly, violation of the norms of business ethics.

It is not necessary to always agree with the manager. Otherwise, a worker may look like a flatterer. However, constant arguing with the leader is no good. Here, it is better to find a fine line between showing respect to the boss and demonstrating the strength of the character. Leaders appreciate such employees and consider them as loyal and reliable workers.

Relations between Employees or Horizontally

First and foremost, the rights and duties of employees determine relationships between them. Everyone should do their job correctly and make no promises that will not be fulfilled. Often, a business rivalry or a competition between employees takes place, during which everybody tries to get a promotion. Here, too personal approach is unacceptable. Respect must be valued above all. No colleague should be humiliated by any other worker. All disagreements and objections can be expressed in an appropriate form. It is necessary to adequately assess your capacities and the capabilities of your coworkers.

So, business ethics is a basis for the successful work of a team. A relaxed office atmosphere, along with a properly built marketing strategy, enables to draw the attention of both existing and potential customers, which will lead to the raised confidence and increased company revenue.


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