How to Find the Best Cloud VPS Hosting in Thailand

How to Find the Best Cloud VPS Hosting in Thailand

May 28, 2020, 1:19:51 PM Business

Today, most companies realize the capabilities of cloud computing and are making a move to the cloud. However, you have to perform a comprehensive analysis of the hosting provider and the benefits available when selecting a cloud VPS server.

Although there are numerous cloud VPS hosting providers in Thailand, choosing one that offers the best deals can be challenging.

So, what factors should you consider when choosing a cloud VPS hosting company?

1. Cloud security

You can never compromise on cloud security as it ensures your data is safe and secure. The best cloud hosting companies manage security at all three layers: physical setup, network, and host. Other security procedures you should check for include:

  • Intrusion detection

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Data encryption

  • Enterprise-grade firewalls

  • Access control system

First, it’s wise to outline your security goals so that you can find a cloud hosting provider that can meet them. Also, understand the security measures offered by your provider and the methods they use to preserve your data and applications.

Lastly, ask questions about your regulatory requirements and unique use cases.

2. Pricing

Pricing plays a huge role in selecting your cloud host provider. While cloud hosting cost is an essential factor to consider, it shouldn’t be your sole focus. This is because although going for a low price can save you money, it does not equate to quality services. For instance, you may end up with more disruptions, slow loading speeds, and zero management services.

Additionally, going for the most expensive cost doesn’t mean the cloud hosting company is the best. One of the best VPS hosting providers in Thailand is VPS Hispeed. Their cloud VPS hosting pricing plans are available in Thai and English language.

Your best bet is to compare quotes from different cloud hosting companies to see their pricing plans and services included. For instance, if technical support services are important to you, ensure they’re available in the plans.

3. Scalability

The ultimate goal for any business is to expand and grow with time. Hence, you need a cloud VPS server whose cloud services can be scaled easily as your site grows. This not only ensures you can ramp up your cloud resources with minimal interruptions but also with minimal reboots and data migrations.

A reliable cloud VPS host provides you with extra storage space for a scalable environment.

4. Server reliability

Downtimes, weak servers, and unstable connections push your website offline. Unfortunately, this lowers your site’s viewership and rankings on search engines. It’s wise to look for a cloud hosting company with reputable uptime scores (99.5% and above). Having easy access to your website and data ensures its success and satisfies your consumers.

5. Customer service

Does the cloud hosting company provide technical support whenever you need them? The last thing you want is encountering a disruption on your site. And you can’t reach your host to solve the problem. Try choosing a cloud VPS hosting company that provides live support 24/7 to customers.

Also, select a cloud VPS host that offers chat support and has a strong social media presence instead of support tickets and email. This way, you can easily access technical support at any time.

Alternatively, you can consider whether technical support is in-house or outsourced. In-house technical supports have a better grasp of company operations as opposed to outsourced services. Therefore, you have a better chance of effectively solving your problem with in-house technical support.


Choosing the right cloud VPS provider that offers the best deal is vital in the success of your site. Although these factors set you on the right path for finding a reliable provider, you also need to consider the nature and size of your business, and your budget.


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