How to Find the Perfect Swing for the Whole Family

How to Find the Perfect Swing for the Whole Family

The backyard is often a favorite place in the homes of many families. If you happen to be a backyard appreciator, then you are probably looking to set it up perfectly. Your backyard might already have a pool and a comforting seating area, but did you choose a swing for your kids yet? Take a look at these steps first before you do. 

1. Choose the perfect place

A swing is usually the focal point of the backyard, in other words, it’s the main attraction for your children or any guest. When you’re choosing where to put it, make sure that it faces an area with a view. It won’t be so entertaining for them if you are pointing your swing towards the door, for instance.  Also, a nice shaded area will be much appreciated later on those hot summer days. Under a tree in an open space is another perfect set up. 

2. Take your measurements

Do you have the right space for the swing you want? There are many options to choose from, but you have to carefully select a swing set that fits your space perfectly. The rule of thumb is having at least six feet of additional area surrounding your swing. When taking your measurements, make sure that you are taking any potential hazards into account.  Just because you have a small backyard, it doesn’t mean that you can’t set it up beautifully. 

3. Choose the right material

Some swings are made of Cedar, which looks great of course, but the downside is the amount of annual treatment to maintain its condition. Other common material is plastic. You will find that the majority of the baby-toddler swings out there are made of plastic. It’s safer and more durable. Most people love how there’s practically no maintenance involved. Finally, when you want to find a swing for older children, you will be looking through a variety of metal models. These are powder coated to resist rust, so they can stand the test of time. 

4. Plan your assembly 

Is it easy? Are the parts heavy? Does it require a skilled professional? Can the local handyman if you can’t do it yourself? If the skill of the assembler is a key factor, then make sure you get a second person to build it with you. You don’t want to find yourself lost in all the pieces after all.  Some types require cementing, while others need grounding with anchors. Study the manual well, or visit the manufacturing’s website. 

5. Decide the extra features

Only you and your kids can answer that question.  Do you have very active children in need of a jungle gym or some monkey bars? Or do your kids just want to swing quietly?  Make a list of all the things your kids want in the new set. Keep in mind that price and features are correlated. Some features will increase the price a notch. 

Creating a gorgeous setting in your backyard is any homeowner’s dream. Sitting outside in the sun will have a new meaning for you and your kids once you assemble a beautiful, perfectly fitting swing. 


Published by Charlesa Gibson

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