How to Teach English in Thailand with a TEFL Certification

How to Teach English in Thailand with a TEFL Certification

Over the past several years, Thailand has become a popular destination to teach English.

Many people are drawn to the country’s tropical climate, friendly people, and affordable cost of living.

Since many schools throughout Thailand have made English proficiency a top priority, there is a wide range of teaching opportunities.

If you’re thinking about teaching English in Thailand, here is a great guide to help you prepare for the move.

English Teacher Requirements

In order to start a teaching career in Thailand, you will need a degree from a university and a TEFL certificate. Thailand also requires teachers to have a native level of ability in English, including proficiency in listening, writing, and speaking.

TEFL Course Information

Prospective English teachers can enrol in a TEFL course in their home country or in Thailand. Taking the TEFL course before coming to Thailand will offer English teachers the opportunity to save money for their move while earning the certification. On the other hand, some people may prefer to take the TEFL course in Thailand because they can experience the country before working as an English teacher.

Best Places To Teach

Thailand has a large demand for English teachers, so there are plenty of great places to teach English. The most popular destinations for teaching English in Thailand are Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and many more. These cities offer several job opportunities because there are a lot of Thai people who live in those areas.

Keep in mind that teaching English online with a TEFL certification in Thailand is also a great opportunity for English teachers. Most agencies that offer online teaching positions allow English teachers to maintain a flexible working schedule.

Compensation Details

The teacher compensation in this country greatly outweighs the cost of living. As a result, English teachers can expect to make a decent living in Thailand. Most English teachers can earn about 940 to 1,300 USD, and they can save a lot of this money if they live like a local.

English teachers with higher qualifications may be eligible to work in an international school where the compensation is much more than $1,300 USD. Specialized English teachers can also expect to earn a significantly higher salary.

Many people in Thailand pay about 30 to 50 Baht for a meal and 3,500 to 5,000 Baht each month for an apartment. Even if an English teacher decides to work in a big city, the cost to live in Thailand is still extremely manageable.

Hiring Seasons

Generally speaking, most of the hiring occurs in March, April, and May because these are the months when school starts. The other peak season is in September and October. Just remember to apply for an English teaching position well before these peak seasons because the slots will fill up quickly.

Make sure to check out job boards and websites to find available teaching positions in Thailand.

Ready To Teach English In Thailand?

With a low barrier of entry and many teaching opportunities, Thailand is truly a great place to teach English.

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SEE TEFL offers excellent courses that a foreigner can expect to take in Thailand. SEE TEFL even offers paid internships for fulltime English teachers who would like to work in central or northern Thailand.


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