Painting With Gems: Things You Can Do With Diamond Painting

Painting With Gems: Things You Can Do With Diamond Painting

Oct 23, 2018, 1:35:42 PM Life and Styles

Diamond painting is becoming one of the best forms of art. It is a type of art that entails the use of gems and rhinestones and incorporates the same concepts used in mosaic arts and paint-by-numbers. It's an enjoyable form of art as it can be used for meditation and mind relaxation. This form of art can be enjoyed by both young and old and is the best form of art especially when interacting with young folks. Still a new form of art, there are so many ideas still to be uncovered. If you, however, love cross-stitching, you'll definitely fall in love with diamond paintings.

Here’s a brief guide on painting with gems: things you can do with diamond painting.

1. Framing

Once you’re done with sticking all the diamond pieces on the canvas, it’s a great idea to add a little of pizazz to your work of art. There are so many ideas to choose from but the first will be adding a frame to your décor. It's an easy option. All you have to do is measure the entire canvas and fit it into a ready frame. To ensure that the painting remains sparkling, it's important to remove the glass pane as it will dull the painting.  

2. Wall mounts/hangings

To accentuate your walls, especially in offices and living rooms, diamond paintings can be your best option. Determine the color of the wall and put your sewing skills to the test. With a matching fabric, create a border and backing of your fabric. Once this is done, piece your painting right in the middle. This type of design will light up your walls because of the sparkling gems.

3. Brighten your pillows

For those dull pillows on your sofas and chairs, you can use the diamond paintings to give them a new lease of life. Depending on the size of your diamond painting design, well, and that of your pillow, ensure to pick the best-coordinating fabric for the border and backing of the pillow. Once you’ve stitched everything in place, fill the pillow with fiberfill. However, if you may need to clean your pillows, which you'll definitely need to, you'll have to avoid scrubbing, washing, ironing, and dry cleaning. All you'll have to do is use a cold, damp cloth in wiping the dirt off the pillow.

4. Give an edge to your book covers

For all your school supplies, photo albums, and most of your scrapbooks, diamond paintings may be used to add a bit of oomph and color. To do this, you'll need to trim your finished design into the desired size. Adhere the design on a flat book cover using a double-sided foam tape. Your wedding album is now as colorful as the pictures inside.

With these ideas, you can add more of your own to add more color to your living space. All you need is a creative mind and time on your side. 5D diamond painting is the best way to take your mind off the day's anxieties and the perfect gift to a loved one. The best thing about this form of art is that even with zero artistic abilities, you can still create your own wall arts. In this case, you might want to check diamond kits for some inspiration.

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