Protecting Identity And Data: Safe Surfing Net

Protecting Identity And Data: Safe Surfing Net

Though we all like surfing the internet but cyber security is increasingly becoming a question. Prevalent online frauds like phishing and malware attacks are compromising the security of our data and thus make us prone to cyber-attacks. Though we install firewall protections and anti-virus in our computers still there are malicious software’s and applications that compromise our privacy.

How To Safely Browse The Web

With the advent of social media and other applications like Youtube, we tend to spend most of time online. Moreover, not just adolescents, children are also drawn towards internet. However, there is increasing concern about cyberattacks and online bullies. To stop this menace, a number of steps for safe online browsing can be taken which will give an overall protection against cyberattacks. 

Key Steps to safe browsing of the web

Installing a Safe Browser

Every browser has become conscious buyer and looks for a browser which ensure safety and protects data. Though browser like Tor is associated with its dark illegal activity there are enumerable reasons for a browser to look for a secure browser. For instance, a secure browser protects personal data from online giants like google and facebook.

A number of features are provided by installing a secure browser such as protecting identity, filtering unwanted URLs, curbing tracking, phishing among others. Every browser these days claim protection and utmost security with plugins, however it sometimes slows down the speed of the computer. Some of the best browsers include Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox filters the urls through a technology called smartscreen URL. Through this, if a website seems spam, then a dialogue box will pop up. Further, similar screening happens when we try to download a file and it immediately blocks the content.

Using the Best VPN

While using a safe browser with proper security setting will ensure safety but if you want to tighten a noose a bit more than using a virtual private network would be relevant. If your purpose of using the internet is for torrenting, eliminating censorship, hiding identity to visit website and to eliminate geographical limitation to connect to remote sites then using an appropriate VPN is required.

VPNs connect to public networks like Wifi in public places to connect to remote websites but protects the connection by encrypting data and hiding the IP address. Some of the best VPNs like Nord VPN, Tiger VPN offer numerous features such as high speed connectivity, provides access to several servers across the world, IP leak protection among many others.

Recognizing Phishing emails

Fraudulent emails are becoming prevalent these days. These emails are typically phishing scams which appear to be coming from a legitimate authority however most of them contain ransomware. The average rate of clicking on a phishing email is 10 per cent or more and if clicked the ransomware infests our computer and encrypts our files. Therefore, to avoid such attacks, there are ways to recognize phishing emails with spelling mistakes or grammar mistake. These emails always ask for personal information and are mostly not addressed to a person. The email address of the fraudulent company or person is not correct or seems to be inappropriate. Most of the common such emails are credit card frauds and personal data enquiries.

Two Step Authentications

Another way to protect computer and safely browse the web is by activating two step authentications for applications and email log ins. Website which are very important and has most of our data such as Gmail and Facebook offer a two-step authentication which ensures unwanted logins. Moreover, they provide the option of saving the login browser which will automatically alert us if anyone tries to login into our accounts. This means that if you see that you have logged into your account from a new browser in Africa and you have never been there this can possibly be an invasion by a hacker and can be prevented.

Constantly Changing Passwords

Sticking to the same password which has already been breached will prove to be really risky. For safely browsing the web, changing passwords after some duration of time will help you protect your data. Also, it might be the case that remembering too many passwords proves to be too much of a hassle, in this case never use auto-fill option. Instead, using a password manager will help manage the passwords. Only through one master password, all other passwords can be accessed. Moreover, unique passwords using creativity of words, numbers and special characters should be followed.

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