Pull off Classic White Bathroom with Perfect Accessories

Pull off Classic White Bathroom with Perfect Accessories

If you are thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover, it would be a good idea to go for the classic white look to give it a sense of class and elegance. Admittedly, white bathroom themes can be monochromatic, but with a little bit of innovation and selecting the right set of bathroom accessories, you can pull it off. 


Tiles can easily transform a very ordinary bathroom into a classic bathroom. Tiles are easy to implement and are suited to both homeowners and tenants seeking to give their apartments a refreshing new look. There are several white tile options available on the market. They include vintage, subway and classic all-white hex tiles. You can use them to give your bathroom a fancy new look on the floor and the walls. You can contact bathroom accessories suppliers to find a design that suits your budget. 

You can also go for marble tiles, which are more expensive than ceramic tiles but add elegance to your bathroom. The price of a tile sheet ranges with quality and the design, but there are options for every budget. Marble tiles add a glittering and crisp look to your bathroom, giving it a touch of class. Alternatively, you can combine ceramic tile walls with a white marble floor to give your bathroom depth and character. 

Doors and windows 

Glass doors are a great way of embellishing your bathroom. Glass doors give your bathroom a calming feeling by letting in the outdoors. The bathroom window is an important accessory that adds character to your bathroom. It should be fitted with glass and patterned white blinds to add texture. The glass will let in natural light to turn your bathroom into a vibrant space. 

White Pallet 

Use a white pallet to paint the walls, ceiling, shelves and doors of your bathroom. White paint seamlessly transitions the white color of the tiles to parts of the bathroom that are not tiled. The towel bars and wooden fittings in your bathroom add texture and depth to the white space. Paint them white to maintain consistency with the rest of the bathroom.


A bathroom mirror adds dimension to your bathroom and reduces the clinical feeling created by the monochromatic whites. There is a wide selection of white mirrors that you can use to embellish your bathroom ranging from ordinary to brass to gold emblazoned mirrors. You can also use antique and other artistically designed mirrors to add glamour to your bathroom. 

White Towels

A great way of enhancing the classic white bathroom theme is arranging a collection of soft white towels to give your bathroom the aura of a spa. Arrange them in pairs of different texture in strategic locations to add to the elegance. You can also go for luxurious white cotton towels that add tenderness and warmth to your bathroom. 

Other Accessories 

Order silver bathroom accessories that align with the white bathroom theme. Several models and shapes of free-standing white baths are available on the market. Select one that suits your taste and bathroom theme. You can then match it with a freestanding silver bathtub, doorknob, shower basket, towel ring, wall mirror and bathroom scale to maintain consistency with the rest of the bathroom. 

Bottom Line

To pull off a classic white bathroom, you have to select accessories that are both elegant and stylish. Choose your accessories that align with your style and are consistent with the white bathroom theme. Selecting bathroom supplies from a luxury showroom like Argent who delivers original and authentic designs will do a long way into achieving your dream bathroom. Ultimately, the choices should blend and complement each other, giving your bathroom both depth and character.

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