Tips To Speed Up Magento Websites

Tips To Speed Up Magento Websites

Jan 14, 2020, 10:26:23 AM Business

Do you have an e-commerce store? If yes, then answer the question: "Do you know the speed of downloading the site? Why is this an important question? Yes, because nobody is ready to shop on a slow site. It is necessary to correspond to today's trends and speeds. And especially in the field of e-commerce. Otherwise, you can easily lose your business (even in the presence of many other competitive advantages)

Many online store owners use Magento 2. With this platform, you can create convenient online stores. If you use this platform, the article will be useful for you.

1. Extensions

Let's first check all the extensions that are installed on your site. Some of them are free, and some are not, but despite this, even paid extensions can significantly slow down the speed of your site. How to check if an extension slows down your site? Very simple! Disable the extension one by one by measuring each time you download the site.

If you have noticed an extension that significantly slows down your site, I would recommend you to contact the developer of this add-on and point out the problem. It is very likely that the developer will solve your problem.

Requirements for the server.

A good server is a guarantee of stable operation of your site. Any server delays directly affect the speed of loading the site.

I strongly recommend not to save on hosting and even more so to use free or public hosting. You should have your own VPN and dedicated server.

3. Content Delivery Network

CDN is a system of distributed network services that provides users with web content according to their geographical location. It also helps visitors to upload web pages more quickly.

To create a CDN, click on the link:

Storage -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> Basic URLs (Secure)

You can then insert HTTPS URLs to speed up your website. 

4. Compress images

On your site, with a high degree of probability, the set of images of the goods and advertising banners. After all, the buyer in the first place chooses the product on the picture on the site. It is important to remember that images have a strong impact on the performance of the site and I recommend using compressed images to reduce the amount of data on the website.

The best format is JPEG. PNG and SVG formats are suitable for your company logo.

5. Flat Catalogue

Databases are Magento's real headache. Especially if your stores have a wide range of products.

The optimal solution is to segment your catalog and create sections. This will reduce the complexity of MySQL-queries and increase the arbitrariness of the site, respectively.

How to include a flat directory?

Go to Stores -> "Configuration" in the section "Settings" -> "Catalogue" in the tab "General" -> "Showcase" -> "Flat Category Usage Catalogue" and in the fields "Flat Product Usage Catalogue" change to "Yes".

6. Production mode

To achieve maximum performance, you need to start production mode when you deploy the store on the server.

How do I install it?

php bin / magento deployment: mode: set production

The most important aspect of this mode is that errors are logged in the file system and are never displayed to the user.

In this mode, static view files are not created on the fly on request; instead, they must be deployed in a public/static directory using a command-line tool. The generated pages will contain direct links to the extended page resources.

7. Updating Magento

Increasing the arbitrariness is the main and constant task of the Magento team. Do not forget to update the Magento 2 version and all add-ons. For example, if you are using a custom order number extension for Magento 2, I would strongly recommend that you keep track of its updates as well.

In conclusion

There are several reasons why your Magento site is slow. It is important to identify the reasons and check all the factors to ensure the high speed of your e-commerce website.


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