What You Should Know About QUICK FIX SYNTHETIC URINE Before Buying

What You Should Know About QUICK FIX SYNTHETIC URINE Before Buying

Jun 28, 2019, 4:28:05 AM Life and Styles

You may or may not have heard of synthetic urine and if you have, you may already be aware of Quick Fix as a brand. For those of you who are unaware, synthetic urine is basically a copy of the real thing, human urine. Manufacturers attempt to copy urine for a number of reasons, some are poor copies and one which is well rated with testimonials and reviews is Quick Fix. Quick Fix is laboratory prepared and it is a tried and tested product it is a leading synthetic urine brand. It comes ready prepared, there are no powders to mix and in order to have it reach the temperature of your natural urine, it can be put in the microwave and then it can be maintained at the correct temperature for a period of time by using a heat pad which is supplied with the product.

Quick Fix synthetic urine contains the chemicals which are detected in our real urine, so water,  uric acid, creatinine and so on. It is the same colour as our urine and care has been taken to make sure that it is of the same density too. The PH value of a substance measures how acidic or alkaline the product is and you will find that the Quick Fix product is also of the same PH as real urine. The difference between the two is that Quick Fix is designed to be toxin free, unlike our own urine. If you take a drug or if you have an illness or medical condition, depending on what the illness or condition is, your urine can tell a story. Certain indicators point to certain facts and a report is prepared for the person requesting the test. Traces of drugs can remain in the urine for days after ingestion, which is something that some people don’t realise.

People would use Quick Fix for a variety of purposes:

  • Householders or farmers or small crop growers are often pestered by unwanted visitors in the shape of animals who not only attempt to destroy their crops or flowers but they can leave a mess in the area too. The Quick Fix synthetic urine can be sprayed on the area and can serve as a deterrent, keeping the area free from pests

  • As Quick Fix is a toxin free product, it is a clean way of playing a practical joke. Strap on dispensers can be purchased and used to dispense the ‘urine’ to unsuspecting party goers. As long as your audience share a similar sense of humour to yourself, the prank is absolutely fine, but, be warned, there are people who wouldn’t appreciate such a prank!

  • Quick Fix is purchased by those who use urine as part of their sexual proceedings.

  • People will also buy Quick Fix so as they can substitute the synthetic urine for their own. They may be asked to provide a urine sample for testing prior to starting a new job, prior to taking part in an athletics competition or they may be facing ongoing testing as part of a rehabilitation programme. They may decide to make the substation in cases where they do not believe that their own urine would pass the test.

Quick Fix urine is available online and can be purchased and delivered quickly to your door.


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