Act Out of Love, Not Fear

Act Out of Love, Not Fear

"act out of love, not fear" the small tattoo on my 
     left hand, devil hand, 
     yells to me as the ink just 
warriors fought once, strong, for 
     my family and it's not that I can't 
     breathe it's just that I don't want to 
    can't you hear the screams?
winter brings the warmest months and its not 
     that I'm strong anymore, it's just that I'm 
     so broken there's no change 
     there left to 
the lake froze over only moments after I 
     collapsed through, I want to call out to 
     you, there's nothing much else aside from 
     death that I can 
literal liking's to a matter-of-fact way of you 
     make me think about your eyes and how they 
  and, aside from you, I'd love to nurture 
     wounds and love and care for every piece of 
     fucked-up shit in this beautiful and 
     devastating land,
   but there's something burning true inside 
     smallest parts, deepest too, 
     and there's no way in hell for me to 
       get inside. 
we'll cruise on down the road, separate journeys 
     forced, linger on by the reservoir to 
     catch a single, silent 
     breath - can't you see the these 
       turns, there's something about this place that's 
       begging us to go. 
 looking straight out to the diamond-studded lake, 
     I wonder where other realities, the traded 
         tragedies, aided 
         could possibly begin to form their 
         insignificant trail. 
"act out of love, not fear" the small tattoo on my 
     left, jagged hand gleams and as I drive off 
     slow, I watch as the dust is moved and 
     thrown, from my cars somewhat 
        small and dented rear. 
we all came out, kicking and screaming, 
     we shout, destined to prove a beautiful and 
     wretched balance of life. 
  so here I move, toward a freeing truth that never 
     bore me anything short of sweetness and 
     warmth - the man who would always 
     understand my 
​                 tattoo. 

- Charlotte Griffiths

Note: This is one of my first named poems to ever be released, something which has taken me a lot of courage to finally do. Here's to a new chapter in my own life! 

Published by Charlotte E.E. Griffiths

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