don't ask me (please)

don't ask me (please)

Jul 28, 2019, 7:53:47 PM Creative

Charlotte Griffiths - don't ask me (please)

i forget about you most days in big 
age of adult. things get easier 
like that. 
you don't bother me and 
a part of you knows i'm 
in another world 
now and 
i don't think 
about missing 
you anymore
(that's how it goes 
isn't it? that's how 
the cookie 
and this world 
(we all go
i stop drinking and you take 
up my drug of choice on weekends 
because weekends seemed 
appropriate to you 
and i am 
no longer the same 
girl you 
knew at
(i made sure of 
it) and eventually 
i cut all my hair off 
in the bathroom 
mirror because 
curls were 
never fucking 
cheap and you 
think about proposing 
to your new life. 
people ask about you 
and i tell them 
that all the boys i 
loved sold 
i'm not too 
bothered with 
i still drink 
very rarely 
there is no one else 
to run to and 
the cat isn't 
looking at me. 
sometimes it 
sits on my lap and i 
doze off but sometimes, 
when it's so late i 
can barely see the stairs 
or the letters i 
think about 
the boy i 
loved then, 
back before 
i knew what 
love was 
and i read the 
chapbook and 
i weep 
for what a fickle 
game love

- Charlotte Griffiths

First featured on Mozello on Charlotte's website. This space includes a personal blog with updates on most things Charlotte as well as poetry, an about and a store inclusive of her first chapbook dim lights, dim reality. She is currently working toward her next chapbook bathroom sink (and all the many faucets) to be released on August 21st of this year which will also be available in-store. 

Published by Charlotte E.E. Griffiths

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