obstruction of emotion

obstruction of emotion


Mist on the front window makes it hard
    for me to see the road,
    aircon beats out a warm steam,
    mirrors catch the high beams
    steering crazily past the cliff
    facing driver's side.
  Melancholia catches all the vehicles
    in a veil of cool,
    dim smog.

I catch sight of a very familiar light burning
   low and humble, one single candle very
   far off in the 
In an instant I'm frantically trying to
   catch up with the child in me screaming for
   a way to get back to what
   But there's no purpose in
   this, no great wonder I guess,
   in kids falling beautifully,
   in love.
Hardened fence built over stunted playground,
   painted dent that covers your
   car - eggshell beaches lace earth of
   your soul. No matter the
   attempt there is only
   contempt left to steer you
   along the road.

Without much contemplation for
    complication, you've noticed your
    direction pushes toward the south's
    tempting persuasion. Music fills the whole
    room, the vibrations fuel my epic
    burn as I speed up faster,
    your spirit floating clear in my
And, with all of my might, I deliver a
   tight and timely death off into the
   soft depths of ocean that
   bordered the
   cliff. There's a silence as my car
   sinks. down, if you look
   closely now, you can see the floating
   soul left behind from my
I never even had the chance
    to catch
    a glimpse of your 

- Charlotte Griffiths

Published by Charlotte E.E. Griffiths

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