unknown #24

I'm out on the road, streets clouded in dark, there's a
   cyclone wreaking havoc on the sidewalk - couldn't it
 stop, I'm just trying to get
The taxi in front of me lingers low speed, I'm yelling
   obscenities, forward thinking about how gently his eyes will
   heal my soul - damn it,
   don't slow down now, it's green not red, you're clearly just a
      pathetic moron.
Overtaking her I fight the high speeds, cross the
   lines on the road, finger the clutch like the king of the world,
   and as I leave I watch the dust trail from
   And I continue on, finding the wrong side of the road go
   on, watching small children run at the
      excitement of a storm.
Fourth gear returns my control and now I'm dropping low,
   feeling the wheel slip beneath my fingers as I return back,
   hold back, remain within the lines told not to
   cross. I'm hanging there without any trouble, finding
   moments disappear into co-ordinates, watching light disappear
   from the street lights - birds are
    can't you hear them through the window?
Well past four, I make a sneaky call to the man I always come
   home to with my whole heart, and with my steady hands I turn and
   twist round and
        round before finally falling into
        position in my spot.
 And there he stands with his waving hand and I kiss his beautiful
   lips with my shabby all. - I'm here now, I love you so much.
   "All you ever have to do is call."

- Charlotte Griffiths 

Published by Charlotte E.E. Griffiths

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