15 Beautiful Names (For Expecting Parents or Writers)

While adding some more characters midway into my novel, I have felt like an expecting parent while looking up tons of baby names. Surprisingly, I have found a lot that I love.

Need some help? Here are a few that you may like:

Annnnd no, I'm not going to give you their meanings. That's babynames.com's job.

Autumn- This soft, relaxing name not only sounds nice, but it brings memories of falling leaves and pumpkin spice.

Celeste- This royal name calls for an elegant woman who may or may not be french.

Roman- A fine name for a fine boy. May he be as strong as the ancient army of Rome.

Koyrnn- One of the prettiest names in my mind. It flows so well and isn't common.

Samuel- Everyone needs a Sam in their life.

Darius- A name worthy of a king, of course.

Amy- Short and sweet, every Amy is sure to have your back.

Rosette- Again, another name that falls off your tongue with grandeur.

Rebecca- Such a beautiful name that sticks out nicely. Many nicknames can come from this name.

Seth- This name is begging for some attention from your main character (or child).

Elijah- Now this name rolls off the tongue with absolute grace and respect. Eli sounds like a prince, but Elijah is the king.

Gwendolyn- This name rings with dignity. I can't get over it.

Beth- Heroine? I think so.

Rune- Mysterious and brave.

Shadow- Strong and respectable for a name, yet still a hidden jewel from the internet masses.

Liked those names? Check in to see a Celtic/Gaelic baby name list coming soon!

-Charlotte Emelia

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