Just Breathe

There are times in your life when people happen. You trust them and share your accomplishments with them, and they just love to tear you down. They make you seem insignificant and dumb like your thoughts don't even matter.

They take you for granted. 

They make you feel depressed.

Well, I'm sorry. But you can't do anything about them. Don't be rash and do something that you will regret. If these people happen to be your friends or associates, contemplate their actions and attitude toward you for a long period of time before you decide to kick them out of your life.

Sometimes people are inconsiderate and they don't even notice. Sometimes people say something blunt and assume it to be reasonable while from your view it completely destroys your world.

And you know what, saying something blunt or harsh back at them won't help. Bragging about your fine deeds in hopes that it will force the other to reconsider their opinion won't ever work. You just gotta breathe. And keep breathing.

Focus on something other than them. Play a video game, write a dang book, or watch the entire trilogy of the Lord of the Rings. Just don't let those jerks get to you.

Oh, and breathe.

I don't know, I've got mixed feelings right now. People that I trust have seemed to have really bad days and are taking it out on me. Failures in my life are crashing on top of my back and dragging me down to a pit of hopelessness and doubt.

But I just gotta breathe. 

So, I'm going to breathe. What are you going to do?

-Charlotte Emelia.

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