What Makes Me a Writer

What Makes Me a Writer

Aug 3, 2016, 12:33:07 AM Creative

Writing a novel is tough. There are times where I give up on long nights, lose hope in the future, have no motivation to write, or get angry for no reason. All forces of life seem to be against writers, and that's why it's so important to stick with it.

I'm currently in the middle of a novel that I have screamed, cried, and joyfully procrastinated over for more than a year. To tell you the truth, I honestly am not nearly as far in my book as I should be given the time I've spent on it.

I've planned my book to the last detail. I have created maps, written notebooks, drawn characters, and researched everything you could imagine for my novel, but the thing that I have been neglecting is the writing part.

For me, writing is the toughest part. It is the most mentally and emotionally exhausting section of the whole process.

But despite that, I am proud to tell all y'all that I am doing it. Word by word, rough draft by rough draft, I am making progress. I am pushing through the opposition. I am brave enough to race the ticking clock. And even though I am slow, and continually tempted to give up, I don't. I still write.

And that is what makes me a writer.

Not the number of novels or the amount of readers. No. Not the word count or the quality of the novel. I am a writer because I am strong enough to dream like one. To strive for goals like one. It may take me another year to finish what I've started, but I ain't a beginner or inexperienced like many who claim to understand my pain and sorrows.

No honey, I'm a writer. And don't you dare believe that it is anything but heroic.

-Charlotte Emelia

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