Why I Do Hard Things

It took only three weeks of school to make me realize that I'm drowning. I go to school, I go to work, and then I do homework until I go to bed. My A.P. classes are making sure that I don't get any free time, not even to write a blog post once in a while.

But it's okay. Yes, I have homework every single day that wears me out and forces me to stay up late. Yes,  the A.P. classes that I willingly took are hard and exhausting and will force me to up my game if I want to receive the grade I want, but I've realized that these challenges aren't necessarily bad. In fact, they are helping me in more ways than I could have imagined.

I think that maybe instead of drowning, I'll move my limbs and start to swim.

Pressure makes diamonds. If you can handle stress from things that push you and force you to try harder and stronger, that will make you so much better than you were yesterday. For example, as said before I do homework until bedtime nearly every school day. Not only will this force me to manage my time and hobbies well, it teaches me to be productive. Another example is me reading a classic every night for half an hour because of my A.P. Language book report. This teaches me good, improving habits that can only increase my knowledge, vocabulary, and abilities.

Although I must admit that I am devasted that I often don't have time to write my novel, the times that I do glance at the book are precious now. Those small time slots are well-used and valuable to me.

Like the picture up above: if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. If you could live in endless bliss with only the knowledge and habits that you have now, would you? For teenagers like me, the answer is a resonating no. I procrastinate all the time and I do not have enough knowledge and vocabulary to live with forever. I need to learn a lot more before I could ever be happy with myself.

Besides, my brain's still growing. I need to learn as much as I can rather than stunt my expanding knowledge. Lately, I've realized how lacking I have been with things such as language, intelligence, common sense, and productivity. 

Give yourself a self-analysis. Are you challenging yourself, purposefully expanding your ken by reaching farther than you ever have? Are you creating good habits through hard work? 

Don't stop because you're tired or afraid of failure. I am constantly trying new and hard things to help me in the long run, despite the fact that I am always exhausted and prone to mistakes. We all are.

Challenge yourself. Sometimes we need to struggle in the water a little bit before we can realize how valuable learning to swim really is.

-Charlotte Emelia


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