Online Bullying & Why it needs to end.

Online Bullying & Why it needs to end.

Oct 16, 2016, 3:41:34 PM Opinion

In my head I’ve tried writing this post a thousand times. It’s not particularly a hard one, but I want it to come across right. So I’m going to do my best.

I can’t talk to people on the phone. Stupid right? It’s not a literal phobia of mine, but something I would prefer not to do. Now please  believe me when I say I have gotten better over the years, but it has been something I have gradually built up to.

This started maybe 3 years ago, I would regularly get calls from ‘friends’ at school who would call me & bully me. I’m talking words that will probably never leave me. I would never not pick up, I’m not sure why.. maybe I thought they’d come to their senses.

Once I left my secondary school the calls stopped. They were quick to start again, with friends I was closer to.. ones I thought I could depend on. So how did I stop this from happening? I looked at my call list & realised who the main problems were, and cut them out of my life. In every aspect, every social media was blocked & I wouldn’t bite if they tried to get my attention.

I’m not writing this post to complain, or to raise awareness of my own problems but to aid you into making the right decision when it comes to online bullying. If you genuinely feel like you are not happy on any social media, if you are being targeted or have had nasty comments then please (please) hear me when I tell you to do something. I didn’t for so long, and once I did there was a definite change.

Block them, mute them or report them. Please do something, you don’t have to be on a site or app if something is making you unhappy. Please take action and talk to someone if you’re not sure what to do. Don’t take it from them.


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