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It’s like 7:30am (might not be the time it  goes live…) BUT I just had a sudden desire to write a post about…

‘Loving the skin you are in’ 

I can hear it now… oh how incredibly cheesy! Yes. Maybe it is but it is so incredibly worth it and believe me once you start loving yourself its easier to start falling in love with this hopelessly beautiful but also uncertain journey commonly referred to as ‘life’.

I posted a photo on Instagram last night!

The caption was:

Embrace what you have because the right people will love you, just for being you ✌🏽️😌 surround yourself with people that make you happy 🌞✨

It is so damn true. There will be someone out there that loves your quirks but you have to first accept that those quirks are what make you, you and unique! I have a crazily short body in comparison to my legs. I do not have an even waist due to my skeletal issues, my feet are flat, my hips sublux and I would kill for a longer body! Problem is I’m not going to get a longer body or an even waist or non-flat feet. My body is what it is and I can either accept that or wage war with myself.

This girl is not waging war with herself. I challenge you all to start loving your bodies! Love those little quirks, love the fact that each of us are entirely unique and that there will only ever be one of you!!! To me that is so incredible. There will only ever be one CMEW who is 80% legs, 10% neck/head and 10% body! I am ok with that.

When you think negatively about your appearance it shines through into other aspects of your life. People will love you because you are YOU! So many of us think that we would be loved by more people if we were to drop a dress size, didn’t have those stretch marks or have arms that wobble. I will let you into this little secret.

When you start appreciating your body and start acknowledging that life is pretty damn amazing people will notice your beauty. Your beauty was always there but it was hidden by self doubt on just how wonderful you are!

When I was younger I loathed the way I looked, I didn’t ‘develop’ till quite late and didn’t really grow till I was 17/18. I mind it funny how those people who I was at school with didn’t want to get to know me. At that moment in life I use to look at the ‘popular’ girls with the boyfriends and hear about them partying and their love lives and just thought that will never be me. I’m not as pretty or skinny as they are, I’m not outgoing like them! The fact is, people that are just beautiful on the outside will never be as beautiful if their insides do not match and their heart are not in the right place.

I look at my accomplishments and think gosh Charlotte y’know you’re doing alright!

  • I think back to yr 1 when I was kept behind the rest of my class because the stupid coat I was wearing wouldn’t zip up and my teacher insisted that in order to leave that coat had to be zipped.
  • I think back to High School where I was either expected to do really well or fail.
  • I think back to AS levels and thought will I ever leave sixth form with good grades?

Now look at me. I’m studying law, I’m on a 2:1, I’ve worked in law firms, I’ve been to amazing beautiful far flung places, I have a wonderful man, the most loving and supportive family, fab friends and hopefully a bright future ahead of me!

All those trivial things like having wobbly parts and uneven measurements just no longer matter. Your accomplishments and resilience are what truly matters. You, yes you are incredibly! You have faced things and you have dealt with these things. Your beauty still shines through. Your body is incredible! Without it you wouldn’t have been able to do half the things you have done!


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