15 Things Locals Want You To Know Before Visiting Alabama

15 Things Locals Want You To Know Before Visiting Alabama

Nov 15, 2016, 3:40:52 AM Life and Styles

Alabama is where I am from.

1.We are not all redneck. >> You know overalls, straws hanging out of our mouth, wearing wifebeaters. (white tank tops)

2.We may talk slow, but that does not mean we are dumb!>> We actually have some great schools here; Auburn University, University of Alabama, and UAB, just to name a few.

3.Which reminds me FOOTBALL is huge here! >>You are either an Alabama fan or an Auburn fan. Dare I say it….. ROLL TIDE.. sorry I am not much of a football fan. Also, our football here is what other countries consider soccer (futbol) Just switch the names around. 

4. I don’t live in a tourist part of Alabama.>> But I have been told from other travelers, that Alabama has some of the nicest welcoming people.

5.We are a very religious state.>> But don’t let that scare you off! You will see churches upon churches everywhere!

6. We have a bad rep for being racist and homophobic. >> As we are a very religious state, there have been some issues when it comes to gay rights. Hey! Luckily now everyone can be married! Not everyone from AL is racist or homophobic. We welcome anyone with a different ethnic background and any sexuality. But do please ignore the people who do have a problem with this, we are not all close minded! Some of us are actually very open minded.

7. No roundabouts here! >>Okay I think I have seen two…. Yeah there probably are more. Something you might want to do if you are going to be visiting is catch up on driving laws, if you are going to be driving. You can turn right on red at a red light, but make sure you treat it like a stop sign, unless there is a yield sign. Oh, and if it is a one way street you can turn left on red! < That’s a new one for me. Maybe just skip that last one all together, just wait till it turns green!

8We are not all farmland and countryside. >>Although we do have a lot of it! There are plenty of things to do in the state. But no matter where you are there is always an outdoor activity you can do. 

9. We are not super big on transportation.>> In the bigger cities we have it, but we are not like Taiwan, London, or New York. Mostly everyone drives everywhere. Except if you live or work downtown, then maybe you are in walking distance.. We do have a bus and train station. I don’t know many people who use our cab services..

10.We do loveeee our fried foods!>> But we are not all fat.

11. The milk and bread conspiracy >> This is what happens if we even get an ounce of snow. People rush off to get bread and milk. Every. Single.Time. So it is this ongoing joke with everyone in Alabama. Seriously the shelves are empty. To be fair we had some really bad snow/ice in 2012 (I think) and 2014. 2014 our interstates had to close and people had to abandon their cars! It was crazy! It’s also rare occurrence that we get snow, especially like in 2014. 

12. James Spann >>here is his Facebook>> This is our weather man. Just mention the name. He is the man! 

13. People are friendly.>> Do not be afraid if people nod, smile, or say hey, how ya doin? That’s just good ol’ southern hospitality. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of your surroundings though.

14. Alexander Shunnarah. That’s all you need to know, you will understand as you start driving through.

15. Chickfila is life!

Drinking tip: 21 to drink.

I hope you were able to take something from this and come visit my beautiful state!

This article was first published as a guest post on Adventures and Napsbut of course there are things I want to keep adding!

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