What to do in Europe (Part 2 France)

What to do in Europe (Part 2 France)

Sep 12, 2016, 1:54:59 AM Life and Styles

Once we were back from our road trip and were back in London. We rested up for a day and then we were headed off to France. We took a bus to France, okay we know that is not possible. We took a bus on a ferry, which was pretty cool. It was the biggest ferry I had ever been on at that point. I can’t remember how long the ferry ride was, but I know we ate breakfast on the ferry and soon we were back on the bus and back on the ground.

We went through their “bus security” (where you would get a stamp), at some point we stopped at a rest stop/public restroom. Well there was a stand up toilet. 

stand up toliet

 I wasn’t quite sure what to do so, I opened up my stall and asked Katie, “What is this? How do I use it?” Well easy answer, you just stand there and do your business. (Beware details for this trip is limited and scattered.)



It was similar to this, there was a rail you could hold onto and the hole was bigger, and your feet were further away from the hole.


This country is where we started staying in hostels. Now, I know people have talked horror stories about these types of places. So, France was our first stay in a hostel. I won’t lie, it was pretty sketchy looking, but we lived through it. We stayed in a mixed room, which meant guys and girls could stay together. Triple bunk beds, sweet… It ended up being two guys from ughh… Iran or Iraq in there with us and another couple who I cannot remember for the life of me where they were from. You had to use bathrooms that were located outside of the rooms (which made me a little uncomfortable at first), then on our last night there, we realized one of the doors in our room was our very own personal bathroom.

It felt like we roamed around a lot this trip, just walking and being lost. We of course visited the Eiffel Tower. We never actually got to see the Mona Lisa, but we were outside The Louvre with the outrageously long lines, but we decided we would come back the next day. There were no lines! We got inside and realized they were about to close, so that’s why there wasn’t any lines.

I remember us seeing a guy peeing in a bottle. I can’t remember if this was in “The Underground” or if we had just gotten off a subway. We wandered around a lot, got lost once, and I had to take over the map and get us back, and I totally got us back! We visited the Lock Bridge(Pont des Arts )

Europe 19

Pont des Arts, which now has been removed because the locks were too heavy and causing damage. 

 If you do not know what the lock bridge is, it’s where people bring physical locks, and they put their names or initials on them, hoping to lock in their love. Okay I am not sure about that last part. I wish I would have remembered to bring my lock, but I forgot. I had my first gelato here, I also had my first Nutella Crepe.


We went to a “fancy” French restaurant while we were there called Chez Janou. It took us forever to find it. I can’t remember what Katie had to eat, but I ate duck. Basically everything is in French because well why wouldn’t it be? I was afraid to ask any of the waiters to translate anything for me, so when our waiter came over I pointed to one thing and asked him what it was, he then told me that he would translate the whole list.(The list wasn’t long) It was nice, he was nice. I would say this was our first “nice” person in France. Supposedly this restaurant has had famous people. That’s what Katie told me, I don’t know if that’s true.

I can’t remember much from this part of the trip, but I think my favorite part was when we went down to the kitchen/lobby area of the hostel and were talking to people. There were so many nationalities there. It was pretty awesome. I will correct that though, Katie was doing all the talking, and I would only talk when spoken too. One of the guys we talked to was French and I want to say the other guy was Russian, but I know that is probably incorrect. He was from somewhere around that area though. At this point I think my feet were pretty messed up due to my terrible choice in shoes. I also, think this is where I had to go without shoes and only socks on. Yep, I sure did, and I also stepped on a cigarette, which didn’t feel good for like a few seconds. This is basically all I can remember about Paris, next time traveling I will keep a journal of each day.

Part 3 continued on my next post…

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• Wear good shoes 
• In fact WEAR shoes. 
• Helps to know words and phrases in the language of the country you are visiting. 
• Learn how to use a map. 
• Stay in hostels, they can be real fun and not scary at all. 
• Keep a journal, take lots of pictures, but do not get so consumed with this that you can’t appreciate where you are

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