What to do in Europe(Part 4 Italy)

What to do in Europe(Part 4 Italy)

Sep 13, 2016, 6:53:11 PM Life and Styles

After we had left Spain, we took a bus to Venice. I think we took a quick look around and then we just wanted to find our “hostel” We had a little trouble figuring out the bus passes, and I am pretty sure the bus driver thought we were “dumb” Americans that were lying. So we finally found where we were staying, it was a campground called Camping Rialto, we also thought we were going to be staying in a chalet, nope it was a tent, after everything we had went through. 

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The campground we stayed out near Venice

The campground was really nice. The people were friendly, pretty sure you had to pay for wi fi and you had to have your own toilet paper. It was pretty nice for a campground and it wasn’t too far from Venice because we had to take a bus to get there, maybe about 10-15 minutes out.

The next day when we went out we stayed out all day and night. This was one of the best days to me. We walked around everywhere that we could, we stayed out so late because we were trying to find this restaurant. We got lost, a lot. We stayed out so late looking for this restaurant that we missed the last bus back to our campground! We were out all night and it was cold and we even jumped on a bus that circulated 24/7. We hopped off at the train station that was not running and then, trying to figure out our next move, hopped back on the bus and stayed on there for a little while because it was warm. Katie had all these weirdos trying to talk to her and I was passed out because I was tired. We finally hopped back off in Venice and decided a taxi would be too much and decided we would just wait until 6 am. While Katie was talking to taxi drivers I was over sitting on some steps being hit on by some random guy that probably thought I was a prostitute because it was 4 in the morning! We finally placed ourselves under the area where you see the bus schedule. While waiting, we had an Italian and Frenchman join us, I am pretty sure they were homeless. I had the one man offer me his jacket, not sure why I declined as I was freezing.

Finally it was time for us to catch the bus back to our campground. So it was a little after 6am, we realized we had scheduled a gondola ride for around 9am. We didn’t make the gondola ride, we slept in. I can’t remember if we hung around the campground or we went back out to Venice.

I just know our next adventure we were headed to Rome, and I think we took a train. Before we headed to our hostel we waited around to go into the Colosseum.

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We were there a couple hours before it opened. When we finally got in there, it was so much to look at and I took so many pictures, I eventually just quit taking pictures because there was just so much. It was an amazing part of history, and I can’t believe that I was there, and I saw it all. We even ventured out and looked at other ruins while we were there.

We then headed to our place of accommodation. It took us a while to find it and my feet were hurting and I am pretty sure that Katie thought she was going to have to leave me and go find our place then come back and find me. We finally found it. It wasn’t really hostel style, but yet more like an apartment building. The kind you have to have a key to get in or you have to be buzzed into.

This place we finally had our own room, but the bathrooms were pretty gross and they were close to the middle area where everyone would gather outside of their rooms. The showers were gross and would flood, but besides that it was an okay place. The guy Angel Roses (not his real name) was pretty cool and we recorded him singing and watching one of their soccer games. He was quite a character and this was one of my favorite places about Rome. Shhh this is his Facebook, he is in a band, and he’s sort of like a rock star.

Over the next day or two, we visited some more ruins, Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps, and, Pantheon. We never made it to Vatican City. I do remember Katie making me walk to a store by myself to find some drinks and snacks. I honestly thought I was going to get lost. But I didn’t. I found the food and the apartment by myself. I was pretty proud.

The Italian people seemed to be the friendliest of all the places we visited. I can’t remember any of the places we ate at, but I can tell you that I had pasta every meal because I mean come on, why wouldn’t I? I also had another cone of gelato.

Italy was my favorite place to visit, and I can’t wait to go back. Soon after this we took a plane back to England and then a day later I was headed back home to the U.S. My three week adventure had ended. I hope in the future I will be able to visit all these places again.

· Know the bus, train, whatever transportation you are taking schedules. 
· Wear the appropriate shoes. 
· Know how to use a map. 
· Get lost but make sure you can find your way back. 
· Take pictures. 
· Keep a journal. 
· Have fun!

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