Fashion Nova Haul Part 1⎮BEST JEANS EVER!!

Fashion Nova Haul Part 1⎮BEST JEANS EVER!!

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I've always wanted to model since I was in middle school. I did multiple after school activities in modeling while in middle school and high school. When I went to college and got a full scholarship for basketball. I found out that it was against NCAA rules to go for modeling as an "amateur athlete". That's what's quoted (or was quoted while I was in college) in the NCAA rules which may or may not have been in the contract that you sign before fully accepting to go to a college under a full scholarship. 

So after college I decided to play basketball overseas. I don't know too many athletes who have made modeling work while playing overseas. So I kind of gave up on the idea. I've done fun stuff for it on the side but I think I'm going to explore on this topic more when it comes to showing off clothing hauls and such things. 

I know I'm ranting but this is part of the reason why I haven't been able to do as much as I wanted with modeling. Besides the fact that I'm kind of scared. LOL! Scared of all the things that can happen between people using your pictures for their own reasons, what happens at the shoots to plain ol' failure or wasting my time. 

I hope you enjoy the hard work that I put into making these videos and if you'd like to help or support the channel you can order a t-shirt or other merchandise from this website below.

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