What the Trump Sexual Assault Allegations Mean

What the Trump Sexual Assault Allegations Mean

There have been multiple women coming forward with allegations of Donald Trump sexually assaulting them. Some of the accusations include raping his ex-wife, and attempting to rape a former business associate and raping underage girls. Of course, Trump has denied any of these claims. And these are not even all the cases to have come forwards recently. But there are some hiccups when it comes to outing a sexual predator, especially one as powerful as Trump.

In the cases mentioned above, two of the women changed tunes. Trump’s ex-wife; Ivana, changed her words from “rape” to “violated” when a tell all book about Trump with her statements were released. The business partner settled the case out of court, but sticks to her word about how Trump attempted rape on her. The third case is of an underage girl who was forced into sexual relations with Trump and witnessed the same thing happen to other girls, and has not changed her story. That case is going to court come December, and one can only hope the allegations hold up.

But what do these cases mean? And what happens when celebrity and presidential hopeful is outed as a rapist?

In these cases, two of the women did not hold Trump accountable essentially. Audiences can view this in two ways. One: Trump is too powerful, attempting to lock him up would never be fruitful. Or two: Trump never assaulted anyone and these women are after his money. This is the one of the worse outcomes.

If the audiences views these women as “gold diggers” any foreseeable rape allegations against Trump would never be taken seriously. And not just allegations against Trump, but any women accusing anyone of such a crime. Women and girls, or anyone with such allegations, would always be afraid to report. The constant worry would be in their heads of if anyone will believe them.

Even if the audience does not view Ivana and Trump’s old business associate as liars, there is still a scary outcome. If anyone is assaulted by anyone more powerful than them, they still might be too scared. Too scared to face someone with money and power that could ruin their life. In reality, these allegations and cases against Trump have a significant impact. 

Approximately 30% of sexual assault cases are reported to authorities. Imagine what would happen to that already low number is victims were told their accusations would not matter. That their violation did not happen because someone with power said so. Especially someone trying to become President of the United States.

You would think that all these cases coming forward would ruin any chance Trump has at beating Hillary Clinton come November. But they all seem to be getting swept under the rug. One can only guess Trump’s money has something to do with this. So not only can power stop someone in their tracks from reporting a rape, but they can also make any cases disappear. Leaving victims feeling even more powerless. But that is what an act as terrible as rape is about; having a kind of power over someone. And power is definitely something Trump is after.

Sometimes, celebrity news can hold a significant impact on the way everyone else lives.

Published by Chelsea Hinkofer

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