Gratitude Gets you There

Months ago, before I started my travels, I wrote this piece of advice, and never published it. I stumbled across this draft today, and was amazed by the advice I wrote for others, and even more surprised on how much I needed this reminder again…

A lot of people ask me how it is that I can travel, and be able to do the things I want to do. Though working hard, saving money and enduring obstacles were a huge part of my road to travel freedom, the number one driving force behind was gratitude. Gratitude and freedom are two aspects of life that coexist, and should be treated with the same amount of importance.

You have to earn your freedom, and by earning your freedom , you will only appreciate it that much more when you are able to the things you dream about.

How I became grateful, and the pieces of advice I offer to you:

  1. For me, my first steps in my inward journey to become a better soulful being was an “aha” moment when reflecting back on the amazing things my parents did for me during my youth. I will admit that I was quite the spoiled shit in my puberty to adolescent years; I expected my problems to be solved by my parents. When I hit rock bottom in my later 20’s; I felt the best resolution was to reflect from the beginning of my life; my mother bought my first horse for me at age 12. My father and step-mother introduced me to travel, and took me to some amazing places at a young age. Both parents provided shelter, clothing, home cooked and nutritious meals on the table, money to enjoy outings with my friends, my education… etc. And let me tell you, when this “aha moment freed itself into my senses, I called both my parents separately bawling my eyes out, thanking them for all they have done for me. Thanking them for building the foundations of the person I am today. I can say my relationship with those wonderful people is precious to me. Whoever raised you to be you, thank them. Your life will improve, and magical things will start to occur.
  2.  Look at all of the relationships you have had in your life. Boyfriends, friends, teachers (who are dormant in every person you will encounter in your life), animals, places you have been (Yes, you develop a special relationship with a place to travel to). Understand the purpose they served you in your life, and if they no longer serve you in a healthy giving way, let them go.
  3. Stop victimizing yourself, and learn to forgive yourself. To see yourself as a student of life, you must make mistakes to conquer your obstacles.
  4. Have absolutely no expectations. This may be the hardest, because our interior enemy, aka Ego, loves to dream up fantasies about events that we are about to experience, whether good or bad.
  5. Patience. With ourselves, and others. Having the grace of patience comes with years of interacting with others, it takes years to accomplish, and from what I gather, something that you will continue to learn and absorb until you pass on.
  6. Understanding your actions between dignity, and choosing to either stay or leave a situation that does not suit you.
  7. Never comparing yourself to others; just don’t. You can even begin to comprehend someone else’s journey, in the same sense you can’t truly understand yours. Like a written report, your life will have a summary at the end, leave it to that moment to grasp its special meaning. In the meantime, go with the flow.
  8. This piece of advice comes from my continuing scholarship of positive  thinking / Law of attraction, and let me tell you, this WORKS. It’s easy, WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS. Look at them everyday. And when you look at your goals, indulge yourself in a rush of gratitude with how far you have come to even desire these goals in the first place, and let your soul be at ease that these goals will be met; because mark my words, they will.
  9. Instil your faith; whatever you believe in, just know _______ will always have your back. Live life without fear, which is something the ego has created within your conscience.
  10. When first learning about positive thinking, give yourself a break. It takes a very long time to re-wire your brain from the nasty self-abusing habits it’s consumed within your conscience with over the years. However, when taking the smallest measurements in changing the way you think, be grateful that you are doing this for yourself and the rest of the world. Simply smiling at a grumpy faced stranger has some valid karmic energy sent within the universe. You go, YOU!
  11. Be grateful for the negative experiences you have had in your life. Whatever the experience was, just know that if you didn’t experience it then, you wouldn’t be where you are now, on the path to become greater and to strengthen your soul.

Lastly, take my advice with a grain of salt, we all find our gratitude in many different ways, cherish your own.

      x Y E L L O W B I R D x

Published by Chelsea Michelle Hird


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