23 & Free.

Traditions provide me with a semblance of stability--they have always been something in my life that I knew I could count on--moments, feelings, love and laughter that I knew, without a doubt, would be present. I crave these traditions, and I think about the days when I will create new traditions with my own family.

Whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, or even Sunday breakfast--I can count on unforgettable memories being created with the people I love.

So why in the hell would I move to a new country days before my birthday?

We should know by now that I hover between two extremes--overthinking things or acting without thinking at all--it's a problem, I know.

And even though I missed all the usual birthday traditions--breakfast on the beach, presents, doing whatever I wanted for the day and then family dinner--it was a good learning experience for me.

I have a new found appreciation for the traditions and values that my parents have ingrained in me. But at the same time, I realized that maybe I put too much emphasis on birthdays--here in London, only two people knew it was my birthday. I walked around town by myself for a majority of the day without anyone knowing that day was anything but a Monday--and in a way it was kind of a relief--a new experience that I didn't expect to enjoy.

However, I have vowed to be honest with you, so I should share that I did shed a few tears about not being with my family, but with that said I have a new opinion on traditions--I will continue to embrace them, but I will not place all of my expectations on them--I am responsible for my own happiness...

Let's see what 23 holds...

Until Next Time,

Published by Chelsey Ramlochan

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