24 Hours.

What is it about the impending new year that seems to have everyone in a near frenzy?

Oh wait…is that just me?

I always seem to think the last 24 hours before the new year rings in are the perfect time to analyze every choice and action that I’ve ever made in my adult life.

The second dates I’ve never had.
The jobs I haven’t gotten.
The friends who have fallen to the way side.
The loss I’ve experienced.

I seem to dwell so heavily on all the negative, spending the few moments left, sitting in a pile of self-pity, while everyone celebrates around me.

In the haze of pity, I always find a last burst of energy and dedicate it to completing every task that has fallen to the wayside during the last year– just five minutes before the clock hits midnight.

I dont know what it is about the new year that sends me spinning in all directions of self-doubt, but after 23 years of celebrating in this fashion, I’ve gotta change something– a girl can only take so much–honestly.

Mind you though, this revelation came in the midst of sitting alone on my couch eating pizza, hot wings, cheesecake and a half bottle of wine…

Personal growth is a marathon not a sprint.

I’m writing all this to say that the moments leading up to the new year are an understandably frightening period of time–realizing that all you hoped for during the year hasn’t necessarily come true, as you stare the new year in the face.

But I’m here to tell you that as soon as that clock hits midnight, your dreams are still alive and well, and you take all of the lessons and all of the experiences from the past year and let them mold you into a stronger individual who is ready to accomplish greater things than you did last year.

So, what did we learn? You have that quick moment of silence for all that didnt come to fruition. Then you put on your big girl pants and get ready to kickass in the new year.

2017 & happiness lie ahead.

Until next time,

Published by Chelsey Ramlochan

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