The Year of 22.

I often joke that I always go to Target and come out with at least six things that I don’t need and I usually forget what I came for in the first place, but this time these journals–that somehow made their way into my basket–are proving themselves to be quite useful on the many flights I have taken in the last the year.

Usually as soon as I get onto a plane I pass out before we even take off–It’s a gift really. But these last few flights I have been too wired to sleep–mostly because of excitement of what my the future holds, but also because  the idea of change unsettles me like nothing else.

Yes, I know that you’re saying, “Chelsey, you’re not the only one who doesn’t enjoy change.” It’s not that I don’t like it, because I do–I embrace change. But good or bad, change has always frightened me, and as I sit on flight after flight I am forced to think about all of the change that I have experienced this past year–my year of 22.

  1. I lost my uncle–to watch someone deteriorate so quickly–to literally be there one day and gone the next. No one like death, but as humans we tend to make it about us rather than the ending of their suffering.
  2. I tore my labrum rowing–something I never thought I’d hear myself say, for those of you who know me, I would’ve never thought I would join a collegiate sport, let alone work hard enough to achieve something worthwhile. Being on crutches for a month forced me to learn a new level of patience that I would’ve been perfectly fine never knowing–to be completely honest.
  3. I lost my grandfather–we grow up thinking our grandparents are invincible and to wake up one morning and have them suddenly gone is simultaneously perplexing and devastating–how does one even go on from there? continuing life without such a large component?
  4. I got my first two tattoos– I think this was a shock for everyone, perhaps myself included, but it was my way of dealing with the sudden loss of my uncle and grandfather and in a sense it was the healthiest way for me to come to terms with the loss.
  5. Graduation–Having to do an extra year on top of the four already completed makes graduation day seem elusive and unattainable, but somehow I finally made it and they decided I was a worthy of my diploma
  6. I got my third tattoo–they don’t lie; once you start it’s extremely hard to stop (I say this as I plan my fourth–sorry dad)
  7. I started working for my dad’s software company–word of advice concerning working with family: DON’T–just kidding it wasn’t too bad, but definitely weigh the pros and cons–sorry again pops)
  8. I moved to London…yeah, pretty damn shocked myself. I’m not entirely sure how this plan came to fruition, but next thing I knew I was arriving at Heathrow beginning the next portion of my journey.

I have to be honest, this post has taken me a month and a half to write–reasons still unknown to me, but hopefully to be explained in the coming weeks.

I promise I had a point besides providing you with a timeline that could rival 6th grade social studies textbooks…


Sometimes things don’t go as expected, and for someone like myself, that loves a good plan, that can be daunting. However, I’m here to tell you to embrace the change, because it could turn out to be the best decision of your life…

Until next time,

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