Welcome to the Club.

“Welcome to the club,” my grandfather said when he called to see how I was doing after my flight to London.

“Welcome to the club,” my brother said when he called to see if I made it to my cousin’s house okay.

“Welcome to the club,” my dad said when I called to let him know I had been released after 9 hours of being detained at border control.


I think those words might haunt me for the rest of my life.

I’ve been staring at this notebook for the last two months, not exactly knowing where to begin–questioning whether or not I should even share my experiences.

I pride myself on being an honest individual–doing my best to be upfront– but at the same time I find myself trying to see the good in everything-perhaps a negative aspect of my personality for the realists out there.

Many of you know that I recently moved to London. What the majority of you don’t know is that upon my arrival I was detained for 9 hours

Not because I had done something wrong.

Not because I was carrying anything illegal.

But because the color of my skin was dark enough to be considered dangerous.

My repeated question of, “what is your reason for stopping me?” was continually met with silence.

This experience is my double edged sword–it was horrible that it was an experience that will always be ingrained in my mind, but at the same time it has been an eye opening experience–no one is “safe” from the racism that is still extremely prevalent in today’s society.

You all know I love a good “learning moment,” so my take away from this? We can’t live our lives in fear. I was stopped and questioned by individuals who live their lives in fear and it is up to me not to allow their fear to impact how I live my life.

Do not let fear consume you.

Learn from it. Do not live it.

Until Next Time,

Published by Chelsey Ramlochan

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