Staying Healthy At Work!

Staying Healthy At Work!

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Hey guys,

While you’re working, it can be very hard to keep a healthy lifestyle at the top of your priorities. Deadlines, pressures, getting enough rest – when you’re hungry, most times the closest thing to our desk will have to do and that usually can be something not very wholesome and often lacking in nutrients. We tend to look for the thing that is most convenient, not something that will fuel us and keep our energy on fire for the whole of the day. In this post, I really want to give you some ideas of how to not neglect a healthy lifestyle while you’re at work:)

Deskside snacks

As a wise person once said, failing to plan is planning to fail and I believe this person was probably talking about food. When you enter your building with no snacks to help you stay on track and a wallet with money/cards, when you get peckish of course you are going to be reaching for the unhealthy chocolates, crisps and the like. Before you even get the temptation and your tummy starts rumbling for fuel, stop it right in its tracks by getting in the delicious crunchy apples and sweet bananas in your desk. Knowing that you have already brought healthy snacks and you don’t have to stray far from your desk is the definition of convenience.

You can also extend this to lunch as well, when you know that you are likely to walk to get deep fried chips and a nice juicy burger everyday at 12, meal prep in advance! Whether it’s to have the leftovers from dinner last night or to do a big batch on the weekend and eat it throughout the week. Either way you choose to prepare, it is not only saving you money but it is also helping you to keep in control of what you are eating and the kind of stuff you are putting in your body.


Have a herbal cuppa!

Have a cuppa…

And I’m not talking about your traditional English breakfast ones. If there is one thing that I love doing, it’s experimenting with teas and all the different health benefits they hide until they get into hot water. According to The Fit Indian, if you’re stressed, have a cup of camomile. Need a natural lift of energy? Ginger is the one to go to. Nauseous? Sip on some peppermint. Feeling nervous and possibly a little bit gaseous? Lemon balm tea is what you want. Honestly, any little quirk you may be suffering with can be eased by a nice herbal brew. They are honestly so accessible yet they can change the course of your day.

But if there is one tea that I want to shine a light on especially is green tea. This is honestly the wonder tea and since I have discovered it, it has been a staple in my cupboards. Firstly, it has got caffeine, so if you’re someone who cannot focus without your daily coffee, this is for you but unlike coffee, you won’t get that crash and burn of tiredness when it wears off – it is a natural high then a natural come down. It also aids with digestion, losing weight and can kill bacteria to stop you from getting ill. Honestly, if there is one tea you should be making a part of your daily routine at work, it should be this one.


HIIT it!

The work life can be extremely demanding, stressful and tiring but finding time to exercise in the day will do you plenty of favours to keep you hyped and full of energy. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins which essentially is the happy chemical and can reduce your feelings of pain and stress which is the last thing you want at 4 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon.

Slide in a bit of exercise perhaps in your lunch break, a little bit of HIIT or sprints perhaps to keep the energy up and the blood pumping. It can be so easy to become idle and lack lustre when you’re sitting in the same place for hours on end so it will do you no harm to get up and active when and where you can.

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Take a deep breath and imagine you were here…

Mindful moments

Now it’s time for a different type of health. When you’re stuck inside the same four walls, perhaps in front of a computer, not really seeing the light of day, staying sane can be a challenge. What I find that helps to keep the morale and the motivation going is small little mindful moments throughout the day. Taking some time out, having a break and focusing on your senses and your breathe can really do wonders to refresh your positive energy. Mindful moments can really help in those moments when you may be feeling overwhelmed or that inner critic comes out to play – it can really help to slow everything down and put any problems into context.

For this to be most effective, take yourself somewhere quiet  where you won’t be distracted, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. The in and out movements, the rise and fall of your chest. You would only need to do this for a minute or so before opening your eyes and I dare you not to feel a lot more at peace and calm about everything going on around you. Especially when you may be mentally suffocating at work, stressed with people and/or things, little mindful moments will help carry you throughout the say.

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Take a walk

Now my final tip is a very imortant one and it kind of ties in with mindful moments. When it’s your lunch break or whenever you can, make sure you break out the confines of your workplace to take a break whenever you can. Especially for those fresh in the workplace, we want to make a habit of showing that we are 100% dedicated and are willing to miss our lunch and stay extra extra late to show our commitment but think of your health. How sustainable is it for you to be running your self dry for a week? Two weeks? A month even?

Pace your energy and escape the office. Set a cut off time for you to leave, do power hours of productivity then have a (herbal) tea break. Work More Efficiently, not to the ground.


So guys, I think that this has been my longest ever post but I hope you have enjoyed it! Let me know what you think in the comments, like and subscribe. Until next time folks!

Chenai x


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