Through the Eyes of Love

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A very interesting, very emotional thing happened one morning in May.  I've spoken several times before about my husband sending messages and letting me know he's still with me (like here, here, and here).  That occurrence was a bit more direct and immediate, though.  So much so, that it instantly brought me to tears and it took me quite awhile to control myself again.

That morning, during a text exchange with a friend, I was extremely down on myself and discussed how I don't look at myself in the mirror very often, especially now.  It just causes too much unhappiness with myself.  When I do see my reflection, all I see are the flaws - the many, many  flaws.

Before my friend could even respond to my complaining, I received another group of texts from my cousin, the same one who dropped everything to hop a plane and rush to my side to make sure I was OK when my husband was hospitalized, despite the fact she absolutely abhors flying.  That morning, she sent a photo and told me that she had immediately thought of me when she saw it, and said it was the way my husband thought of me "every day".  It simply showed a man's hand gently tipping up a woman's chin with the words, "He said to her 'Who are you going to believe?  The mirror, a photograph, or the eyes of the man who thinks you're the most beautiful woman on Earth?'"

She then went on to say that before she left for home after that visit, she had whispered in my husband's ear and promised "Don't worry.  I'll watch over her always."  I truly believe he gave her a message that morning to pass along to me, knowing that it would get to me at just the right moment when I needed it most.

It was almost as if, through her, he was directly responding to my complaints about my appearance - something he often did.  When you look at someone through the eyes of love, they look different somehow.  Love tends to soften the focus and the blemishes fade.  You are able to look beyond the flaws and imperfections and see only the beauty.  Perhaps you see their imperfections as charming.

I used to tease my husband about that.  Whenever he complimented me and I became uncomfortable (which was honestly every time - I'm really not good at accepting compliments), I used to deflect the flattery, saying he was looking at me through Love Goggles (much like Beer Goggles without the alcohol).  I still believe that was the case, but perhaps that's the way it is supposed to be.  When you truly love someone you are able to see how his or her shortcomings are actually those attributes that make him or her unique and special and absolutely beautiful.

Remember that the next time you look at your loved ones.  Believe that you are supposed to see them in the best light possible and always put on your Love Goggles.  See them through the eyes of love.  It's a beautiful sight.

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