4 Reasons Why You Need A Bookworm Friend

4 Reasons Why You Need A Bookworm Friend

Sep 2, 2016, 1:36:56 PM Life and Styles

The wonderful thing about people is that they are unique. Sure, a friendship group will definitely have common interests that drew  them together in the first place. But there are always traits which differentiates friends within a group. Like, in The Spice Girls, there is the sporty one and the posh one. Maybe in your group of friend you are the funny, sensible, or chilled-out one. Then, there are the Hermione Grangers, the Kathleen Kellys or the Lisa Simpsons of your girl- group. You live and breathe books; after all, life is nothing without books. The scene from Beauty and The Beast  when Belle uses a ladder to roll across her bookshelf-you wish that was you (and I need that library in my life!). If your friendship group do not have any bookworms, start  searching because you are missing out. Here are 5 reasons  why your friendship group is incomplete without an amazing bookworm.

They Give The Best Book Recommendations

A bookworm friend is your best call when it comes to book recommendations. So, there is no need to fret or search the internet for whatever type of book you are looking for. Your friend, who is probably a walking encyclopedia of books, will have you drowning in lots of books you should read.

They Are A Walking Library

Unlike your booking-loving friend you probably do not care much for new books which smell heavenly to book-lovers. Bookworms usually have piles and piles of books. Some are hoarders in disguise who would rather sleep with a book underneath a pillow than part with it (Yes, I see you!). You will  have tons of books to choose from if you ask. Warning: their heart might break a little if you crease the book.

Writing is Their Thing

Remember those essays you used write in school? Perhaps you still have to stay up late, with bloodshot eyes wishing the essay would mysteriously write itself. Well, put a smile on your face because all you need is a good friend who loves to read. Trust me, she is likely to love writing too. Do not hesitate to ask for a hand with proof-reading your essay. But, do not bombard your friend- she probably has a tone of reading and essay-writing to do!

Bookworms Have Great Taste in Presents

Awkward moment time. Someone buys you a present and for one reason or another you decide to open it in front of that person. Your face wants to droop into a frown because, quite frankly, the present is dreadful. But, you keep smiling or at least to form something that resembles a smile. How to save yourself from the awkward moment time? You guessed it. Get a bookworm friend. Obviously, I cannot guarantee whether the present  will blow your mind away with a jaw-dropping experience or leave you feeling indifferent. But do not worry. Some bookworms have a knack for choosing adorable gifts.

So now you know why bookworm friends are awesome.

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