2017: Resolutions and Reboots

2017: Resolutions and Reboots

Jan 3, 2017, 3:32:35 AM Life and Styles

Last year wasn’t really a good year for everyone. There were a lot of bad news that shocked the whole world and people are still coping up. As 2017 enters, new lives, new memories and new outlooks will keep us going.


Resolutions are usually enlisted first on a person’s New Year To-do list. These include all the stuff one wishes to achieve for this year. However, when their perceptions change, the rest follows. People should not limit their point of views on resolutions because it doesn’t really matter. They are just created to be a planned guide on how to make it through this year.


Someone, or maybe even everyone, should also press the restart button this year so that everything can flow accordingly again. Everyone needs a fresh start and this is the perfect time to achieve it. Refueling one’s life with positive mantras and optimistic thoughts is one way to reboot and start off the year right.


Life can still hit people like a punching bag this year but what matters most is that, every punch will make a person stronger than yesterday. New memories can be good or bad but what matters most is the unforgettable experience which will make life still worth living.


This year will never be the same again, so let’s make the most of it.

Published by Chiara Marie

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