Our World Today

Our World Today

This world is a dangerous place.

People are living in an endless and difficult maze.

Lots of men are pointing guns at each other;

Women are crying while crossing a border;

Little children are wounded and helpless,

Our world to them, is hopeless.


“Everything is under control!” their leader says,

But the media are painting this picture as a mess.

You see, the government is torn between beliefs and systems.

As they go down, the blame is on their victims.

Excessive power grab and strong political wills,

Always putting people’s needs at the bottom of their heels!


Leaders say they will do everything in their power.

After hundreds of promises, I thought everything will be over.

Well, the truth is their ego matters more

Than the welfare of the hungry and poor.

Even young men are sent to wars,

Until all that’s left are blood and scars.


When are we going to cease the fire?

Is this the only way to protect our empire?

Today, the total number of deaths

Are higher than the number of people who are able to deliver breaths.

When are we going to have peace?

Are we still worthy to be called the Creator’s masterpiece?

Published by Chiara Marie

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