Love Poetry: The First Time

Love Poetry: The First Time

Sep 11, 2016, 10:07:04 AM Creative

The first time I saw you,

Neither of us had a clue:

You and I will someday be together,

Will be holding each other's hands forever


The first time I looked at your eyes,

It's like an ocean in a smaller size:

Loud like it's telling you something,

Deep but you see the beauty underneath, still


The first time you smiled at me,

It wasn't really special,

Thought 'twas nothing but ordinary,

Usual face curve from anybody


But not until when I first saw you cry,

I knew the tears behind

 those expressive eyes, those curvy lips

Too delicate, I was dreadful to handle


From stranger, you became my friend;

From nothing, you became my everything

Falling for you wasn't that hard,

Fears are nothing compared to you, my love

Published by Chinelle Joyce


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