How to Make Your Day Better.

How to Make Your Day Better.

Jul 17, 2016, 11:33:20 AM Life and Styles

Hi people!

We all have those days when we wake up feeling bad or unsatisfied. We get frustrated at little things. Don't do our jobs well and then feel guilty because your day wasn't right. The next day you wake up and remember that you have a lot of things to fix because you ruined things yesterday. Then you get anxious and run around.

Don't be stressed. Remember these tricks and you're good to go.

  • Wake up. If you wake up feeling unsatisfied, don't go back sulking in bed. A few extra minutes of sleep won't make your day better. Wake up, have a shower and start your day as you normally would.
  • Go for a walk. If you're not the person that normally goes for a walk, go today. You will feel better. It also helps you think about what to do for the day. Keeps the stress at the bay.

  • Meditate. Yes, I am picking it out from What to do during your vacations.

  • Watch funny videos on YouTube. This will make you laugh and is worth your time. But don't go overboard and lose all the time you have!

  • Talk to friends. If you're unhappy for a particular reason, then this is the best option. Not just to your friends, talk to anyone you're comfortable with. Sharing feelings makes everything better.

  • Go through everything you have to do for the day. Prioritize the tasks. This way you won't lose out on important things. Planning is the key. This will also help your mind to deviate.
    To prioritize, ask yourself these questions: Do I need it done today? Can this wait? Which of this is more important?
    But NEVER procrastinate.

  • Other things. The other things to do are listen to music, give time for your hobby and anything that keeps you going.

  • Other fun things. Get yourself a stress ball and throw the anxiety away. Get a bubble wrap and pop the stress out!

  • Write it out! Yes, write your feelings down. You will see the change in your mood. Or you can send yourself messages on Facebook, etc. to vent out your feelings.

Hope you liked this post and it was helpful to make your day better.

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Chinmayi Hegde

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