Shop what? : Outfit Edition

Hello girlies! :-)

Hope you're doing great today! As I have mentioned already, my college will start in a week or two and I am so excited! :-D  I started to wonder what to buy and the list was pretty long and I knew for a fact that it would cost a treasure to buy ALL of those. So, I decided to remake the list and here's what I came up with. And the best part of this is that you can mix and match to create new outfits! :-)

  • Solid-colored T-shirts: I am, personally, drawn towards neutrals. White, black and grey. And sometimes, a navy blue. Not that I don't own other colors, but these are the ones I am most likely to choose. Other than this, you can go for striped T-shirts. 

  • Jeans, blue and black. I could wear these every single day. You can go for a pair of distressed jeans, if you'd like. But it's just not my thing.

  • A vest. This could be a denim jacket or a dressy shrug or a flannel even. Use these to up your #ootd. :-P

  • Comfy footwear. A pair of flip-flops and sneakers are a must. A pair of high heals and flats will definitely prove to be of good use.

  • Accessories. Chokers are really in this season and I'm absolutely loving it (there is a DIY coming soon). Long neck-chains, I believe, will never go out of style. A watch is a necessity. On a day when I don't even feel like it, I go for simple studs.

    To add that pop of color (if you are a neutrals fanatic like me), go for bright colored earrings. You could also use a hand bag/sling bag or even a scarf around your neck. Nail-paint is a great way to show off that pretty manicure! :-P

  • A dress is useful, if you have a special event to attend.

And that is all you need to have your wardrobe game strong! :-D

Also, a back-to-college haul will be up soon!

Hope you find this helpful.

What are your wardrobe essentials?

Signing off,

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