Ways to Organize Your Life

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 "Organisation is the foundation to get the rest of my life in gear"

Hope you're day has been going well.

Sometimes, life feels like a complete mess. You have no clue on what to do for the day. You forget the most important things. And even when you remember, it's at the end of the day. You end up sulking, being angry, frustrated and feeling helpless. Don't let this happen to you!

Keep on reading to find out how to organize and get shit done! :-)

  1. Keep an agenda or a planner. No, you don't need to buy the expensive ones. All you need is notebook. You can use that as your planner or DIY it to make it like an agenda. Write down everything you need to do for the day. Literally everything.
    You can do this a night before (as I mentioned in What to do during your vacations.) or before starting out your day. This should have your to-do list of the day.
    Stay tuned for the DIY Planner that will be up on Celeste & Nova soon.
  2. Set goals. The goals could be weekly, monthly or yearly, too. Write it down. Having goals alone should be enough to motivate you to work towards it. Having them in a written form will be a constant reminder for you to work.

  3. Keep a file folder. My parents have always had these and I have seen how much it helps them. If you work, it will help you keep all your receipts and other important stuff. If you're a student, it will help you organize your certificates and other documents.

  4. Carry a book with you. Do this, ALL THE TIME. You never know when a beautiful idea strikes your mind or when an inspiration will hit you. You think you will remember it, but alas! You forgot. Don't let this happen to you. Write down your thoughts in that book. If you don't want to carry the agenda, you can use a small notepads or memos.download

  5. Plan a budget. This one applies to only those who work. Plan everything and this will help you have a rough idea of savings of the month.

  6. Maintain a calendar. Not a big one that you buy very year. But a smaller version. Write down the things you have to do that month. Meetings, appointments and get-together. You need to do this one the first day of the month or you could write as and when you know you need to be in a particular place.

  7. Utilize your phone. A calendar will help you for one year, but you will always have your phone. Write the major events at the end of the day. Like, a friend's birthday. If you're a student write down the dates of when the results of your senior came out. This gives you a rough idea of when your results will be out.

  8. Go through everything you have to do for the day. Prioritize the tasks. This way you won't lose out on important things. Planning is the key, as I said in my previous post.
    To prioritize, ask yourself these questions: Do I need it done today? Can this wait? Which of this is more important?
    But NEVER procrastinate.

Thank you for reading and I hope it helped. Now, get your shit done and walk like a boss that you are! :-D

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