You look better without makeup.

You look better without makeup. You look fine, you don’t need makeup. Wearing makeup is like deceiving a person. You’re fake, if you wear makeup. Stop wearing makeup to impress people around you.

These are all the things we hear in the society. If a girl generally wears makeup, she would have come across these statements and judgments made by people around her. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear such comments made on any girl is why do you care?  Like seriously, does it matter how I look? If yes, then don’t talk about how inner beauty is more important. Do you pay for my makeup?

Firstly, when people say “You look better without makeup“, I say “Thanks?”. Such comments are not as offensive as the other ones that are mentioned.

You look fine, you don’t need makeup: Well, okay. But girls don’t wear makeup to just look better. There could be several reasons behind it. And we know we will be fine without makeup.

Wearing makeup is like deceiving a person You’re fake, if you use makeup: Do we really care if you think we’re “fake”? I guess not. And it’s all your fault for judging a book by its cover. We are beyond our makeup. If you can’t see that, it’s not our problem.

Stop wearing makeup to impress the people around you: We don’t wear it to impress anyone. We do it because we feel better or more confident. Makeup is an art, we love to explore it.

I don’t usually wear makeup and  I strongly believe that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. But I also know that being comfortable in your own skin is not related to applying makeup. So girls, put on all the makeup you want and ignore all such comments.

Girls, you slay with or without makeup!

Chinmayi Hegde

Published by Chinmayi Hegde

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Jul 17, 2016, 4:48:36 PM

I have read your post on wordpress and I absolutely loved it. I even commented on the post if you remember. So glad to meet a wordpress fellow blogger here :D

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