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Trekking gear

Oct 9, 2021, 3:07:44 PM Entertainment

Backpacking is super fun but undoubtedly it is not an easy job. Most of the times we forget to pack what is important and instead we pack stuff that is unwanted and not required.

Here us a list of things to pack on a backpacking Trip:

·       Energy Stabilizer

·       Basic, Warm and Waterproof Clothing

·       Gloves

·       Toiletries

·       Sun Screen

·       Sunglasses

·       Water Bottles

·       Insect Repellents

·       First - Aid Kit

·       Power Banks

·       Cutlery

·       ID Proof

·       Cash In Hand

You may be a beginner, or an amateur trekker, buying trekking gear like trekking shoes, backpacks, trekking jackets, trek accessories can cost you up to Rs 20,000. Not to mention the maintenance cost of washing and cleaning this gear after every trek. Compare it with renting, where you can rent all the trekking gear for less than Rs 3000 for a week’s trip. And the best part, cleaning & maintenance is on us.

SharePal offers the best solution to your trekking needs. Be it a short trip or a long trip, our flexible rental plans are affordable and provide the best value for money. All the gear we rent is in excellent condition which is cleaned & disinfected after every use. We also offer doorstep delivery & pick-up.

So prepare for your trek and leave all your worries behind. We have got you covered!

You can rent trekking gear at SharePal easily. We have all the trekking gear available on rent, from trekking shoes to trekking jackets to backpacks. All you need to do is add the products as per your need, choose your rental duration, and checkout. We provide doorstep delivery & pick-up service

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