Do we still need miracles?

Do we still need miracles?

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father. John 14: 12

Man through history has sort after a blanket solution to life; from problems that require left wing solutions to those that seem insurmountable. Humanity seemed in need of a miracle. It would not be far fetched to assume that in the era Jesus walked on earth humanity had a need for health and well-being related miracles. The new testament is a chronicle of Jesus and his disciples (Post Crucifixion) healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons. The latter situation .i.e casting out demons could be argued to be the healing of mentally or emotionally unhealthy people. Several accounts of emotional and mental restitution exist, for example, the woman at the well, her meeting with Jesus gave her  confidence to live, the miracle of salvation.

With the increasing number of research and breakthroughs made in science, one could say that knowledge has displaced the need for miracles. Almost every situation has a solution to it, and even those that don't (end stage cancers, HIV/AIDS, and several terminal diseases) have become more manageable, we have found a way to make our loved ones eternal departures minimally traumatic for us as well as them. Do we still have a need for miracles of any sort? I have always seen death as a part of life's cycle, an end that cannot be escaped like a full stop at the end of a complete sentence, hence I have never quite seen the need to raise the departed from the dead. On the other hand, I view  accidents and crippling diseases as something unbearable, a situation to be remedied by any means possible. With the advent of prosthetic limbs, motivational speakers like Stephen Hawkins, para-Olympians my faith or belief in the need for a miracle in this area has taken a nose dive. So once again I ask, do we still need miracles?

Our generation, especially in first world countries, might not be rife with physically impaired individuals faced with a bleak future, lacking support or hope. It is, however, full of souls held hostage by a legion of tormenting questions, beliefs, and ideology; this is the same world over.  People walk down the streets to work, school, parties, a smile on their face, a tombstone on their hearts waiting to be rolled away, listening to hear the cry 'come forth'. 

There is a prayer for an outpouring of God's spirit upon the land, a search to see the wonders and miracles as of the time of old. It is a thing that I desire to see, a resting of God's glory over the face of the deep, a testament that our Father lives. Jesus in the verse above referred to these occurences as 'works' not miracles and I find that interesting. 

Work: an activity, such as a job, that a person uses physical or mental effort to do, usually for a result.

or A task or tasks to be undertaken.

As Christians it is part of our job description to carry on the work that Christ began on earth; to heal the sick, to mend the broken hearted, to cast out demons and so much more. It is a daunting task but the beauty and simplicity of it lie in the requirement for the job:  'whoever believes in me.' We're instructed to believe in Gods ability to save and deliver, in his ability to be just in every situation. Hebrews 11:6 makes this very clear. As with an earthly job the CEO has the final and executive decision over every situation, when we act in his place we try very hard to think and act as he would do. This is no different to our heavenly father. He decides who gets healed, when and how.

Sometimes we get so caught up in prayers and fasting, in seeking for signs that will follow us before an unbelieving generation, that we forget that our prayers, our work is simply to bring His will to earth. And so like the diligent staff member who goes out on a market survey to distant shores, suffers terrible injustice only to return and hear the boss say no we no longer want that product, is the Christian who fasts and prays but the blind doesn't see. We must carry on with the task at hand for the final veto power isn't our and God entrusts us to believe that regardless of the outcome, He is still a just God.

Do we still need miracles? Certainly, they are a sign to the world that grace still abounds.

The greatest miracle is to show the sign of true salvation and cleansing by the blood to a generation that has all the answers, a generation that wills us to live in unbelief.

And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues. Mark 16:17

Every Christian according to God's word can perform a miracle but as with a job the longer you grow your skills the better you  become. However, it is not the true testament of our faith or prowess in grace.

To each, he gave a gift, to all He gave the great commission. 

Published by Chioma Nwafor

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