"One day in a tribal life"

"One day in a tribal life"

Jul 30, 2016, 12:24:29 AM Creative

"One day in a tribal life"
Leaving the home to find a new life
Where the journey is ascended by trio cliff 
One on the sea of earth
To learn the nature by a pebble life,
Second on the Hutted wooden home 
Planted with a hooked castle terrible path,
 Third on the fire box where life 
Hideous to fight with demon's time,
In each hurdles the time of life delusion with 
abstract Incident to face as a better field to live or to die
You will be one a fearful mind
Tackling the hope for the night
This was my home of all the time 
Drowning in the sea with a one ride
To heal the sea beauty of chronicles journey's of past life's 
Feeling the inner world as a floating bird 
To fly again with a new spirit as a wave savour a catering light,
a brilliant ride surrounded by mediocrities"
To tell out the memories of life.
Second a Hutted wooden home 
Buried my beauty, Colour in a mud
 to turn the sweating flavour out of the pour
A clinker mud flaps on my leg, which was
the smell of a scent was missing in life,
This was the second ride to feel the land in the crunched pit 
Traveling for the firebox to take out the released 
Soul in bodily form of fearful flames.
Shuttering the pain and suffering time survives as a blood drains in a loop space for a new demon's Kindle life,
This was my journey in the one day of a tribal life. "Where the sea is dripping hand to survive, wooden home is a reflection phase of new time and fire box is a journey to burn all the past memories to turn a mourn flame for a new day for the whole life.

"Tribes are predicated people's who are tended only for the nature's life"..

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