New addition to the family

New addition to the family

Recently my boyfriends dog Angel had puppies, she is a Cavapoo and she only had two (boy and girl) but they were the cutest little babies, they were like jelly beans with fur!

After a while a family saw the boy puppy and has now took him home and named him Stan so he now has a new family which is both good and bad. Its bad because they were such a close family of dogs since she only had the two but it is good because he was so loud at 5 o clock in the morning that we could never sleep and that takes its effect on you.

Now its just Angel the mum and Ruby the girl (named after her dad a black poodle). They play fight all the time and it is adorable to see. Angel is very protective of her toys though and always takes them off Ruby so sharing is off the table!

Ruby is biting everything and I can't begin to explain the amount of times we have found underwear, socks and even jeans under the table downstairs! 

Seeing these puppies grow up right from the start has been amazing to see how quickly they have changed and developed into little noise machines. But it really shows how having a pet of any kind be it anything from a horse to a fish, really does make the day better because they make you smile and keep you busy from 5 o clock right up to bed time.

Having a pet is like getting a new member to the family because they really do fit in and make you think they have filled a hole in the day that you didn't realise was there before. If you have never had a pet and you are still just tempted and can't make your mind up then I would really recommend you get one, even just a fish to start off with.

I used to have a Chocolate Labrador and since I am an only child it really felt like she was a sister to me, someone I could cuddle when I was on my own, take for walks to get out of the house and she was even like a therapist sometimes because she was someone I could tell all my problems too and then just get a big hug and sloppy kiss to make me feel better.

Have you had any pets? Let me know!

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