DIY crop top from flannel shirt

DIY crop top from flannel shirt

Aug 21, 2016, 4:51:40 AM Life and Styles

So since its apparently meant to be summer ( I live in Ireland  where the sun seems to have disappeared *sad face* )  I’ve decided to show you how to make  a simple little crop top from a flannel shirt or any other kind of shirt you happen to have lying around. It’s a great way to turn your winter clothes that are slowly becoming obsolete,  into a nice little outfit for the hot summer days (until winter comes back around, then you’ll have to buy another shirt as this involves some permanent cutting :p )

To begin making this crop top you will need :

  • A scissors
  • And (shockingly) a shirt which you are happy enough to cut .


Step 1 : The first thing to do when making the crop top  is to try on your shirt and mark how short you want it. I went just above half way, but you can cut it to whatever length you like ( best thing about making stuff yourself) . The same goes for the sleeves , just mark them to a point that’s  a bit longer than the length you would like on the finished top . This is just so you can roll them up , or if you want you can cut them off completely.

topwithcut lines

Step 2 : The next thing to do to your shirt is to cut it where you have marked. When your cutting, leave the front of the shirt where the buttons are at full length. I found it easier to cut with the shirt buttoned up as it makes it a bit clearer to see what you’re doing. Then cut off the length you have marked on the sleeves.


Step 3 : After you’ve made the cuts, roll up the sleeves about twice to give them a finished look. If you want you can  stitch  the rolls to keep them in place  but I didn’t find it necessary on the sleeves I rolled.

Step 4 : Just for the finishing look, try on your new crop top and tie the lengths that were left on the front  into a simple little bow . And that’s about it – Finito !


One of the perks about making things yourself is that you can add your own little touches to it and really make it your own. If you want long sleeves, you can keep them or you can give them the chop and have none at all !


I hope you found this helpful and try it out ! If you have any questions do leave a comment – Have fun ! – Chloe x

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