6 Simple but Special Ways to Propose

6 Simple but Special Ways to Propose

Aug 30, 2021, 12:07:09 PM Life and Styles

It seems like there has been a lot of pressure on proposals in recent years, with the internet being flooded with flash mobs, lavish sceneries, and incredible surprises, all aiming to be as extravagant as possible. While striving for that “wow factor” feels like the only option, most people will still appreciate a heartfelt and intimate proposal more, one that’s a true and honest proclamation of undying love. So, if you’re planning on taking your relationship to the next level, here are some simple proposal ideas that will still make for an incredibly special and magical moment:

During a romantic dinner

While this might arguably be the most classic proposal idea, it’s popular for a good reason. Scheduling a secluded table in your favorite restaurant, or one that holds a special meaning to your relationship can be quite a romantic option. For instance, you could hide a ring in a glass of champagne or your loved one’s favorite dessert, and even include a special handwritten note alongside it, for a wonderful surprise your partner surely won’t expect. Just make sure to properly coordinate with the staff in advance, to ensure the proposal goes as smoothly as possible.

In beautiful natural surroundings

Do you and your significant other enjoy hiking and have special trails or peaks you particularly love? Do you like going to a tranquil local beach, or have you spent your first date on a picnic in a nearby park? Natural surroundings can be beautiful places for a proposal, offering intimacy and privacy along with a stunning background for your engagement photos. As long as you select a place that is special and important to your relationship, your partner will surely appreciate the thought and the effort that went into planning a wonderful outdoor proposal

Using a glistening background

If you want to make your proposal that much more special, find a private place where you can be completely alone, while still surrounded by a stunning backdrop. Whether it’s a spacious balcony, a modern rooftop, or even a romantic field, choose a secluded and intimate spot to pop the question, but don’t forget to decorate the area to make the moment even more beautiful. For instance, you could hire light up letters that spell out ‘Marry me?’ and place them in the background. Apart from being glistening and absolutely stunning, such letters will also make for a breathtaking proposal your partner will never forget.

With the help of your pet

In case you and your loved one have a pet you absolutely adore, using the help of your furry friend can be an incredibly cute proposal idea. As your pets must be an important part of your relationship, involve them in the proposal by tying a ring to their collar or getting them to carry a ‘Will you marry me?’ sign could be especially endearing. If you don’t own a pet, however, but you know your partner would love to have one, buying a new kitten or puppy to propose with might be quite special as well.

Using a literary prop

While you might think words won’t hold much meaning after you start dating someone for a while, nothing could be further from the truth. Writing a beautiful poem or a love letter to your significant other can be a wonderful way to propose, helping to translate all the deepest feelings you have, and all the reasons you wish to spend the rest of your life with this person you love so dearly. If you’re not that good with words, however, gifting your partner their favorite book with a hidden compartment that holds the ring can also be a great idea for a sweet and meaningful proposal.

On a stunning vacation

If you’ve planned a vacation with your loved one, finding a beautiful spot at your destination can also be a great proposal idea. Whether it’s a dreamy sandy beach, a rugged mountain top, a majestic waterfall, or simply a picturesque field under the starry skies, you will surely be able to find a brilliant location for a wonderful proposal, no matter where you go. What’s more, chances are high your partner won’t expect you to pop the question during your travels, making the moment that much more exciting, special, and unforgettable.

Often the simple things truly do mean the most. If you plan on proposing to your loved one, the easy and uncomplicated yet incredibly special ideas mentioned above will ensure your significant other has a beautiful and magical engagement they could remember and cherish forever.

Published by Chloe Taylor

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