How to keep your money when travelling?

How to keep your money when travelling?

I learned my lesson the hard way because during one of my travels I lost my money, atm cards and ID because I placed them all in my wallet. My friend told me that when you travel you must separate them so in case you lose one you still have some that you can use. So now I carry them in 3 containers. If you want to be more safe then you can place them where it is not obvious like inner bag pockets and socks. The point is to divide where you place them.

Coin purse - This is where i put all my coins and smaller bills. You can place also one ID here in case of emergency. I carry this most of the time.


Wallet - This is where I put the bigger bills. Choose something not too flashy as to not attract attention. distressed-leather-iphone-wallet-4

Card holder - You can place your atm, credit cards and other IDS. b-pop-up-stelton-213

Published by Chris Dela Cruz

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