I hate you because I love you.

When a person is rejected by someone he loves, a lot of negative emotion may arise. Some might feel hate and others hope for things to be right. But feeling hate is better than hope. Why feel hopeful over a person who thinks that you're not good enough? Why chase a person who don’t see you as his equal? Is your self-esteem so low that you think that losing this person is such a big loss?

It does not matter what you are right now. You may not think that you' re as attractive or special as others but you have to decide that you will give dignity to yourself no matter what. Buying or pleading for somebody to love you should not be part of your vocabulary.

There is nothing wrong in being alone. You can be happy being single if you just stop thinking that you can’t be. Be that person that you can admire, then fall in love with a person who is like you and likes you back. If you don’t find this person, so what? There are so many things that you can do with your time to make your life worthwhile.

You may feel hate right now because you cared for this person but time can lessen the pain and this hate will soon fade when emotions subsides and rationality surfaces.

Published by Chris Dela Cruz


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