You Should Know: How to Effortlessly Master the Korean Fashion

You Should Know: How to Effortlessly Master the Korean Fashion

Dec 14, 2021, 8:06:50 PM Life and Styles

KPOP Style is one of the hottest trends in Fashion today. The Korean style has been known to be simple yet stylish. When it comes to dressing, Koreans try to make effortless looks, choosing pieces like The Jaxon that are good quality and easy to mix and match.


Except for the widely popular Korean drama craze and K-pop Hallyu craze for introducing Korean Fashion to the world. Thanks to the Internet and Instagram, Fashion and beauty enthusiasts can have endless inspiration for both fashion and beauty aspects. Hashtag OOTD is widely the most used tag, and South Korean fashion lookbooks aren't nomads to everyone.


However, the Korean style is still underrated and underexposed to different countries. There are a lot of teens, ladies, and women alike who look up to Korean Fashion as their staple outfit of the day. 

However, what are the items and steps to master a complete Korean fashion look? 

Are there any rules to follow?


Korean staple fashion items in their wardrobes have inspiration from French classics and sporty wear. Layers and pastel colors are common genres in a Korean outfit. Also, most Koreans have a strong sense of street fashion and usually stick to the seventies and nineties chic vibe.


Here are some simple fashion tips to master Korean Fashion:

Less is more

Koreans rarely show any cleavage in what they wear. However, a miniskirt or shorts makes up for the less skin. Instead of going to sexy tops, they opt to wear clothes that cover that chest part.  

In place of skimpy tops with cutouts, Koreans can be seen wearing shirts with deep V-necklines like The Jaxon or buttoned-up blouses. The most common colors for their attire are white, gray, and black. They like wearing black, especially because it's synonymous with elegance and it's more versatile than other colors. Add some accessories such as a choker necklace, and you're good to go!

Sheer Clothing

Korean celebrities are wearing sheer tops and tight outfits. You may have even tried your own hand at this trend with a sheer top or two. However, there's more to Korean Fashion than just sheer tops. The Korean fashion industry incorporates many different styles that you can wear to look your best!

Sheer tops are a staple in the Korean fashion world. As stated previously, Korean celebrities have been rocking this trend for decades now, thanks to their supermodel-like bodies. Sheer tops show off a woman's body, especially when paired with high-waisted pants or skirts. There are tons of different ways you can pull off this trend.


Everything Boyfriend Clothes Looks Well

The boyfriend style trend started in 2015 and was first popularized by G-Dragon, a fashion icon in Korea. He had an oversized shirt with slim pants, which showcased his skinny figure and tall height. Many celebrities started to follow his style after wearing the outfit in public. After a while, people noticed how comfortable it looked with oversized shirts paired with slim pants or jeans, so they decided to follow along.

Clothes that look like from the men's closet are essential items. Items like an oversized denim jacket, statement tees, and odd trousers are the perfect street fashion. Anything that looks like a borrowed item fits well for dressing up or dressing down.   

There are other colors besides black and white. 

Korean fashionistas love to play with color. Mostly their outfit's color would vary from muted tones to a pastel color. Besides black and white, they opt to wear trousers and slacks pants that have unique colors like beige, light pink, or mint green.


Colors distinguish the uniqueness of Korean Fashion from others. Since they like to give a cute vibe and are not afraid to play and wear colors, it both works for men and women.

They love short skirts!

Full skirts and palazzos have been popular for several years. The style originated in Korea as a way for women to showcase their long legs and keep cool during hot summer days. Though palazzo pants seem to be losing popularity, full skirts remain a mainstay in Korea. Thanks to their versatility, they're also gaining popularity in the U.S. — you can wear them as mini-dresses or pair them with crop tops for a fun and flirty style.

The more sneakers, the merrier.

Sneakers are the favorite go-to footwear of Koreans. Anything sneakers can pull off a street outfit or a semi-formal outfit. Though there is a negative connotation for sneakers for office or formal look, Koreans are breaking the stereotype and making sneakers their staple wear for any occasion. Indeed, they work well on how to work it and fit everything well for the place and occasion.

Knee-High Footwears 

is quite popular among teenagers and young adults, especially those in college. The fashion trend has slowly gained popularity even outside of Korea. With knee-highs, you can look cute and still keep your legs warm on a cold day. The socks are also great for keeping your legs from getting sunburned. One of the most popular colors for the socks is white because it gives you the illusion of looking taller without having to wear heels.

Experiment with layers.

Lately, Fashion from the seventies and nineties is coming back. And Korean Fashion loves wearing overalls and likes to experiment with mixing clothes and putting clothes on top of everything. From monochromatic to pastel colors, then turtlenecks to nineties, they can creatively make it a trend without trying hard.


For the same reason, trends like an oversized one-piece jumpsuit or dress suit over a shirt or blouse are common and definitely a hot trend for all fashionistas.


Korean Fashion isn't all about sexy and skin-baring outfits. Usually, the getups they opt to show are classic and revived from the past. If someone walks around Hongdae, Myeongdong or Garosu-Gil, they would notice that the outfits and clothes Koreans wear are both chic and easy to find items.


It is not hard to embrace Korean Fashion since it is slowly emerging. Also, there are lots of women's clothing that are available in boutiques or online shops. With confidence and experiments, one can truly embrace and master Korean Fashion.

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